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Is it possible to tame a wolf?

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were nomadiclife and survived by hunting. In nature, they had many competitors like wolves and they had to somehow create friendly relations with them. Today we do not have such a need. But, nevertheless, it is interesting - can a man tame a wild wolf? Some people have the courage to keep wolves, but there are many subtleties in this matter. Recently, German scientists have shown that wolves are indeed capable of becoming attached to their master. Only now the friendship does not last long - at a certain point in time the wolves begin to behave aggressively towards the owner and other people. The reason for this is considered to be wolf instincts, which are simply impossible to suppress.

Despite their danger, some people tame wolves.

Wolf behavior

Recently in the scientific journal Scientific Reportsa very entertaining article appeared from researchers from the University of Heidelberg (Germany). They conducted an experiment involving 11 wolves who grew up under the supervision of humans. Also, 9 domestic dogs took part in the study. The animals were taken to the forest for a walk by several people, who were divided into groups of two. One of them was familiar to wolves and dogs, and the other was not. During the experiment, one of the people stayed with the animal, while the other said goodbye and left. The researchers monitored the reaction of the animals using cameras.

Wolves can get used to humans and this is proven by science

Wolves and dogs behaved the same. When a stranger left the group, they seemed to ignore this fact. But when they lost sight of the trainer or owner, the animals began to whine and bark - these are obvious signs of stress. The wolves also began to gnaw at their leashes, but the dogs did not, because from childhood they knew that this should not be done. Probably, after the departure of a familiar person, animals began to see the stranger as a threat. This means that wolves, like dogs, are capable of becoming attached to some people.

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The domestication of the wolf

But it does not meanthat anyone can just go to the forest andmake friends with a pack of adult wolves. In this case, he will simply be bitten. A person can only tame a small wolf, providing him with a comfortable environment for growth. And the friendship between man and wolf cannot last long. As you know, wolves are animals that live in packs. A strict hierarchy is built in these groups, where there is a leader. Wolves perceive their owners as members of their pack, and with age they definitely want to take the place of the leader. And it is almost impossible to pacify them. At one point, a wolf cub raised at home can begin to show aggression on children, and then on mother and father. So taming a wolf is a very dangerous undertaking.

A human can tame wolf cubs, but over time they become dangerous.

Some dare to keep with themwolves even in spite of their danger. But this risky business is possible only in country houses. Wolves are kept inside strong enclosures, because as adults they pose a danger to almost all living things. And the daredevils spend a lot of money on feeding these predators. After all, wolves cannot be fed the same as dogs. Fresh meat is needed, and it costs a lot of money. In general, the maintenance of wolves requires a lot of investment and practically does not bring any benefits. But this does not stop exotic lovers.

Wolves eat many more dogs

Who are the wolf dogs?

Some people believe that instead of a wolf, you canto domesticate a wolfdog - a hybrid of a wolf and a dog. It is believed that the first artificially raised wolfdog was obtained after crossing a she-wolf and a male German shepherd. These hybrids also occur in the wild when wolves adopt stray dogs into their packs. Wild wolf dogs are as strong as wolves, but they are not afraid of people. In the course of various tests, it has been proven that they have a sharper sense of smell, endurance and quick wit. In this regard, in the 2000s, the Russian army tried to use wolf dogs to guard state borders, but the project was closed.

Wolfdogs grow to gigantic proportions

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But there is no special need for wolf dogs. Moreover, high technologies come to the aid of today's service dogs. Command Sight recently introduced augmented reality glasses for dogs, with which people can give them more accurate commands and monitor their actions. You can read about how it works and what the work of dog handlers is in this article.