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Is it possible to buy a 4K TV without overpaying for the brand

Agree, the TV has already ceased to be sonarrow concept, as it was before. Even the phrase “I don’t watch TV” has lost its meaning, since this device is no longer something that simply broadcasts on-air channels. It is now a full-fledged computer. It is also the TV, which not so long ago appeared in our studio. It has a 55-inch diagonal, supports all modern formats, 4K resolution, has a voice assistant and the ability to enjoy all the benefits of Android by installing applications from Google Play. And the main thing is that all this is not very expensive. It would seem that there are no minuses, but, as usual, I tried to find them, and this is what happened.

Built-in features are always important on a new TV.


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Review of TV KIVI 55U710KB

First of all, let's talk about what kind of TV it is. is he produced under the KIVI brand and is called the 55U710KB model. As usual, such devices have complex markings and this was no exception.

What does a KIVI TV look like

Externally, the TV looks very nice. In front, a rather narrow frame and thin legs, which visually greatly facilitate the construction. The device is in the box without them due to the fact that it takes up less space, and you may also need to hang it on the wall. In this case, you will not need the legs at all.

The construction looks very easy on such legs.

In order to fix the TV on a suspension, on the back wall, as it should be, there is special fastening system... It's worth noting that even the back has been refined in terms of design and has a nice texture. Even if these are small things, they are definitely pleasant.

The mounting points allow you to hang the TV on any standard mount.

Smart TV menu

When you turn on this TV, there isthe feeling that you have turned on the smartphone. The setup looks about the same. You enter your network data, your data, account, and the like. After all this, you see the main menu, which invites you to get started.

Can I sleep with the TV on?

The 55U710KB has many options. First, the remote control immediately brought access buttons to popular services, namely Netflix, which not so long agoofficially came to Russia, and YouTube, which is very popular with us. The pre-installed Netflix application, in addition to convenience, also indicates that TVs meet all the rather stringent requirements of the service, both in terms of quality and usability, and in terms of speed. For these achievements, TVs have been included in the list of recommended devices on which you will get the best experience using the application. I use a different platform for TV shows, but I often used YouTube.

Even 4K HDR from YouTube looks good and detailed.

Before that, I had another TV in whichto launch this application, it was necessary to press three different buttons in succession to first go to the menu, then select the application and then launch it. Maybe we were messing around, but I really appreciated the convenience of launching the application in one click. Least no need to wait at every stage 2-3 seconds each.

It is more convenient to control the TV from such a remote control.

4K and HDR10 TV

KIVI 55U710KB supports all modern formats and functions. The matrix has 4K resolution, and the quality of transfer of details is responsible HDR10 support... This function allows you to display a wider range of hues. This way you can preserve much more detail in both dark and light colors.

For dynamic scenes processing is providedSuper Contrast Control technology. It enhances images in the most difficult areas, leaving them natural and lively. A powerful A.C.E. processor is responsible for image processing. Pro Engine.

Despite the absence of loud names on the case, the TV offers ample opportunities.

In general, there are no complaints about the quality of the video. Of course, if you look at things objectively and do not try to compare it with models that cost 100+ thousand rubles. Compared to direct competitors in its segment, the device copes very well with its main tasks.

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Built-in TV speakers

If we talk about sound, then we have an ordinary soundbuilt-in speakers. It's good, but you shouldn't expect miracles from this method of reproduction. Ever since I tried external TV speakers, I stopped using built-in sound. Even a simple soundbar will do better than many embedded systems. This is physics and cannot be fooled. However, if you are not an audiophile, the 55U710KB sound will be fine for you. The SRC audio processor is responsible for it here, which processes the audio track according to 16 parameters.

You can control the TV using a voice assistant.

I was worried that the TV menu would beslow down. Even a little bit, but it had to happen in my understanding. In fact, there was nothing of the kind and the menu worked as quickly as possible. Even using the on-screen keyboard raised almost no questions. By the way, if you don't want to write search queries, going through the letters, you can use a smartphone or a voice assistant.

TV with voice assistant

The KIVI 55U710KB has a built-in Google Assistant. It not only makes it easier to control your TV, but even allows you to turn the device into the center of a smart home from Google. This is a very correct function, considering that the TV is often the center of the house.

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All connections are made on the rear panel andwe must do justice to the device that none of the connectors stick out parallel to the ground. They are all directed downward or to the side. What I'm talking about, everyone who has ever wanted to hang a TV flat on the wall will understand. Sometimes, due to the wires sticking out, this is not possible, especially if it is a thick HDMI. Even buying cables with an angled connector does not always solve the problem.

There are not many connectors on the side ...

Located behind: power connector, two USB (0.5A each), three HDMI, optical output, Ethernet, mini AV and antenna jack. On the side you can connect another HDMI, one USB (0.5A) and headphones. As you can see, there are more than enough connectors, and it's nice that there are many USB ports. From them, for example, you can power something like AirPlay devices or other prefixes.

But there are many of them behind.

How much does a smart TV cost

The price of the KIVI 55U710KB with a 55-inch diagonal is 31,990 rubles, which is not much for such a diagonal. For its price, it is very good. Of course, you can find something to complain about, but the gadget has high resolution, good image quality, great connectivity and even a great built-in Android system.

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All this makes at least pay attention to himAttention. Although its stylish design attracts attention. To be honest, I thought the frames would be thicker. The only thing I could find fault with was the sleep mode indicator that was too bright for me. In the bedroom in the dark, I'm not very comfortable with him. But I'm used to total darkness and blackout curtains. If you don't have such a problem, you won't even notice it.

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