The world "through the eyes" of a Dutch torpedo (video)

You can now see the world around us from the first person view of a torpedo fired from a Dutch submarine in an excerpt from a documentary published on the Internet.

Previously, no one had taken video from the torpedo. Now, Dutch enthusiasts allow you to imagine that "sees" a torpedo carrying a deadly cargo to its victim.

The Mk.48 training missile was launched from the Dutch Navy submarine HNLMS Walrus. The recording was carried out using video cameras fixed on the body.

In the presented video you can observethe perspective that opens up in front of the torpedo going to the target. In the second half of the video, the background is shot and the exit of the torpedo from the tunnel of the launcher is visible, from where it was fired off with compressed air.

Training torpedo Mk.48 did not carry a combat charge on board. Targeting of this class of torpedoes is carried out using an autonomous on-board navigation system and sonar located in the body, which facilitates firing at the enemy.

Source: theawesomer