Mintsifry against autodial, subscribers are happy, but banks are sad


My phone rings again, the number is unfamiliar, I pick up the phone. On the other end, the girl is talking about

that she is from Tinkoff Bank and will be gladoffer me the best business service conditions. These people don't understand the word "no", they don't understand when you ask them to delete a phone number from the call base. And every time it sounds: "Eldar Viktorovich, we are glad." But I'm not at all happy about it. Moreover, Tinkoff is engaged in the selection of numbers from which calls are made, as users quickly throw in a panama hat full of kind words and relevant reviews appear in applications that control spam calls. Therefore, calls go through, they come from unknown numbers. It is precisely because of intrusive spam that I will never become a Tinkoff client, plus once I had such an experience as an individual (readers convinced that this is an incomparable bank and the courier brings the card to work, which is just wow wow). My experience is negative in small things, but I am spoiled by the quality of service of other banks, so Tinkoff is perceived as so-so. Yes, and other information noise is superimposed on it. I can’t say that Tinkoff calls every day, these are several calls during the year. But they are annoying because they are unwanted. It will be necessary - I know where to look for the bank, but until then, do not touch me.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation, apparently, also receives unwantedcalls, and therefore the ministry has prepared changes to the rules for the provision of communication services. Formally, mass phone calls to people are prohibited in our country, Article 18 of the Law “On Advertising” clearly describes this ban. But the ban is on paper, law enforcement practice is currently crying, so banks (and this is not just Tinkoff) or other companies use telemarketing, flood people with spam calls. What makes the situation particularly ironic is that Tinkoff promotes Oleg's secretary, who rejects spam calls, identifies them, a sort of voice answering machine. In the summer of 2022, Tinkoff stated that 14% of all calls are voice spam and that all residents of the country face it. That is, every seventh call comes from spammers (scammers are not included in these statistics, this is a separate issue). The business of banks is truly diverse: on the one hand, they build fences from spam, on the other hand, they themselves are engaged in it.

The individual must give explicit consent tohe was called from somewhere, in the absence of such consent, the call will be considered spam. The Ministry of Digital Development proposes to block such calls on the operator's side, this does not require much effort, it is enough to analyze the types of calls. With automatic calling, the operator sees that calls from a certain number or numbers are coming in a row, they can sort through the number capacity or go in random order. Plus, the operator sees that calls are often cut off, that is, the user picks up the phone and then hangs it up when he is convinced that they are trying to sell him something. The template of such calls is very simple and clear. And it is easy to distinguish them among all the calls that companies make to inform their customers. A side benefit is that scammers use similar calling algorithms, and similar software on the operator side can also detect and block them.

Operators are also encouraged to display the inscription onphone screen (button or smartphone, does not play a role) about who is calling. For example, if you receive a call from Tinkoff Bank, then a corresponding inscription will appear, and you yourself decide whether you should pick up the phone or not. In Beeline, such a system is implemented, you do not need to install any applications, information about the caller is displayed on the screen, regardless of what device you have. The Beeline service costs 3 rubles a day, but the Ministry of Digital Development proposes to make it free, which at the present time looks wasteful for operators. The Ministry of Digital Development cannot force operators to make the service free, and this is not necessary. Let this opportunity be additional for those who want to get information about callers, plus you can develop the service in several directions, make it a kind of cloud notebook - it can contain both your contacts and the base of operators. A sort of analogue of GetContact, but widespread throughout Russia and the operator's subscribers. It's a good idea that no one has come up with yet.

Banks protest against the innovation of the Ministry of Digital Development,believe that they will lose opportunities to promote their services, more precisely, they talk about the impossibility of delivering important information messages. Here I have a hitch, what messages can be delivered by automated calling systems without the consent of a person? I'm not talking about the fact that there are SMS messages, the ability to send a message to the banking application and to the mail. What is so important that banks want to inform people automatically?

And there is no problem with calling your client,who agreed, no one will block such calls. Operators can clearly distinguish calls that fall under the concept of mass calling, when the reaction of people is visible, they hang up. And banks are not just cunning, they do not want to lose a cheap marketing tool - calling customers, which has an effect due to its low cost. The number of connections and purchases of services is small, but the cost of this tool is even lower, which ultimately gives a plus. The fact that the irritation of people is increasing in parallel, anxiety is growing in society, banks do not care. As well as the fact that they actually violate the law "On Advertising".


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Repeatedly asked during such calls, wheretook my phone number. In response, I heard that the program randomly dialed this number. To the next question, why they turn to me by name and patronymic, I no longer received an answer, apparently, the program was also able to correlate them with the number. It's not even slyness, but a huge sea of ​​lies.

As a user of communication services, I do not want to receivespam calls, they have become noticeably more over the past year. I was not too lazy and counted how many such calls I received in December - 16 pieces. That is about one call a day. It is clear that I have several dozen incoming calls per day, and against the background of this amount, the percentage of spam is insignificant. But I have it. Most people have significantly fewer calls, and the percentage of spam increases automatically. Moreover, such calls, despite the duration and stupidity, act as an annoying factor, they simply piss someone off.

My experience is very simple - I always tryexplain that I don't need the service, thanks for calling, but don't call again. After they don’t hear me, I blacklist the number, at some point spammers bypass this blocking. Then I just spend my time not on indignation, but on active opposition - I draw up products, I waste callers' time, that is, I deprive them of money. Moreover, the conversations are very remarkable, I will give one such:

  • Hello, we call you and offer you to arrange personal insurance!
  • Hello, you are calling for the seventh time. Convinced, buy insurance.
  • Great choice, Eldar Viktorovich, when will it be convenient for you to come to the office and take out insurance?
  • Very busy, please send a courier to me.
  • Yes, there is such an opportunity, dictate the address and time. You will be offered different insurance options, you can pay them to our manager on the spot.
  • Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, 90, there is a gate and a bell, let the courier come tomorrow from 14 to 18 hours.
  • I wrote everything down, wait for our manager, he will tell you everything. Thank you.
  • Thank you bye.

The next day, another call.

  • Hello, Eldar Viktorovich. Our manager cannot find you at the specified address.
  • Hello. Strange, I'm waiting for him, sitting still.
  • Let's fix the address together.
  • Let's.
  • Leningradsky prospect, 90.
  • Oh, are you not Leningradsky, Leninsky Prospekt! Everything else is correct.
  • Well, today the manager will not have time to come to you when it is convenient for you?
  • Tomorrow in the same time range.
  • Are you sure you'll be there?
  • Of course I will, I meet couriers and managers here every day.
  • Till tomorrow.
  • Goodbye.

The next day, another call.

  • Hello, my name is Oksana, I am bringing the contract to you, are you there?
  • Hello, I'm there.
  • Okay, then I'll be with you in an hour.
  • Fine.

It's been two hours, call.

  • Hello, this is Oksana. There is a house and there is no gate.
  • Hello, maybe I don't know.
  • Are you here?
  • Oksana, unfortunately, I'm not here. I tried to explain to your colleagues that I was annoyed by their calls, but they did not hear me. Therefore, it was easier to order your services to an address that does not exist for me.
  • You won't buy?
  • Not.
  • (Hung up the phone).

Ten minutes passed, call.

  • Eldar Viktorovich, the manager cannot find you, where are you?
  • I'm in the city, your manager came to the address where I'm not.
  • But did you give it yourself?
  • Certainly, but you called many times and did not hear me.
  • Do you understand that you have wasted our employee's time and I will have to blacklist you forever?
  • (Fingers crossed). Bring in.
  • (Hung up the phone).

It's been three months and I've been "forgiven" againcalls from this company started coming again and again. It's good that I have an answering machine and send unfamiliar numbers to it, the assistant will find out what and who needs it. I should note that this gives a very, very good result, spammers do not like to communicate with assistants and hang up instantly if they recognize a robot.

The proposal of the Ministry of Digital Development is useful, but for banksI advise you to learn how to work properly with potential customers and not annoy them before they buy something. I always imagine what will happen if the bank thinks that I owe them something. Will they overwhelm my means of communication in every way? Will they blow my mind so high that I'll pay even if I shouldn't?

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