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Mamba began expansion into the markets of Italy and Germany and is going to invest $ 3 million

Despite a pandemic year, the Russiandating app Mamba enters new markets in Germany and Italy. The amount of marketing injections will be US $ 3 million. At the end of the year, the company expects to enter the top five popular applications in these countries, as well as to grow in profitability by several positions. Unless, of course, this is negatively affected by the global lockdown.

Russian Mamba enters the markets of Germany and Italy

Germany and Italy are rated by the Mamba leadership as countries with great potential for growth. This is due to the fact that an active audience has already been formed here, based on Russian-speaking expats.

We know that Russians living in Europe loveuse our app. At the same time, compared to many European products, we have a soft monetization policy (only 4-8% of our active audience pays here), as well as friendly prices. A certain number of local residents also “stick” to expats. In different countries this effect is expressed in different ways, but it is in Germany and Italy that we already have a core audience, - comments on the executive director of Mamba Yaroslav Sergeev

The main competitors of Russian dating inThese countries are the world's most popular applications Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Happn, as well as the Lovoo, Meetic and Once applications. Don't overlook Facebook, which recently launched its free facebook dating service. Nevertheless, Mamba has a positive attitude.

There are many Russian-speaking expats in Italy and Germany,who actively communicate not only with each other, but also with local users. This could be a growth point for registrations. In addition, we have product advantages: we are a multi-service application and combine swipe mechanics, parametric and coordinate search, live broadcasts, tags. This makes it easier and more diverse to find a pair, - says the marketing director of Mamba Pyotr Boytsov.

As for Turkey and Israel, the growth in thesecountries stalled a little due to the general stagnation of the dating market in the context of the pandemic. The press service said that despite the fact that the application metrics are not growing so actively, Mamba is not going to give up scaling in Turkey and Israel. Regional managers are actively working in the field and next year the company's management expects smooth growth.