Creality small 3D printers can print large objects (2 photos + video)

The use of 3D printers is becoming common anddaily routine. Meanwhile, the use of volumetric printing has a serious limitation associated with the dimensions of the printer itself. Creality decided to combine a 3D printer and a treadmill to create large-sized samples while keeping the printing device small.

Creality is known for original andpopular 3D printers with an unusual design. The new belt-driven CR-30 printer could revolutionize all 3D printing technology.

The fundamental difference between the printing technology onprinter CR-30 from traditional 3D devices, is a new kinematic diagram of the movement of the head and tray of the printer. While most modern 3D printers use a movable head and a fixed tray, the CR-30 uses a reverse design with a movable tray and a relatively fixed head. The future part moves along a conveyor belt, which allows you to create large objects without using expensive huge 3D printers.

Printers shown by Creality will be able toprint objects of any length, limited only by the availability of spare raw materials for the printer. It is currently known that the printing speed with a layer height of 0.2 mm and a head nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm will be up to 40 mm per second. The device uses a thread break sensor, and it is also possible to install large bobbins. To remove waste from the substrate, the device uses a special blade.

Source: fabbaloo