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The best used smartphones in 2023 under 25,000 rubles

No matter how cool they are today cheap smartphones, flagship models are still against their backgroundremain a big winner. This can be seen in the materials used, and in the longer support, and especially in the computing capabilities that manifest themselves both in photography and in demanding games. But there are also less noticeable factors, such as well-thought-out ergonomics and even such trifles as more fast fingerprint scanner fingers. But not everyone can afford to buy a flagship at current prices and the ever-growing dollar exchange rate. And why, when there are many on sale used smartphones in excellent condition? Of course, there is no need. It remains only to decide which phones are still relevant in the secondary market and deserve your attention.

Used smartphones can sometimes be a better choice than new ones.


  • 1 Which used iPhone to buy in 2023
  • 2 Which Samsung flagship to buy in 2023
  • 3 Smartphone with the fastest charge
  • 4 Should I buy Huawei Nova 9
  • 5 How Honor differs from Huawei
  • 6 Best places to buy used smartphones

Which used iPhone to buy in 2023

You will not believe, but the iPhone XR will remain relevant for a few more years

I propose to start with a not so obvious option.Namely, with the iPhone XR. Yes, this fall he will be 4 years old, which by the standards of smartphones is almost a pension. But the relevance of iPhones is by no means determined by their chronological age. And what, you ask? Let's see why I consider used iPhone XR Apple's best value smartphone right now.

  • First, it is a new generation iPhone. Him large IPS screen with a diagonal of 6.1 inches, which does not hurteyes, a face recognition system, which is much more convenient than scanning a fingerprint, impressive battery life and support for all the main shooting modes inherent in flagship iPhones.
  • Secondly, A12 Bionic processor still has great potential.The neural network support does the trick, which is why the iPhone XR is getting all the new features that iOS updates bring. This is Live Text, and emoji dictation, and advanced Siri capabilities, and astronomical wallpapers, and Tap to Pay for accepting payments with a smartphone, and even scanning medicines in the Health app.
  • Thirdly, in response to the question Will the iPhone XR be updated to iOS 17, will be a definite yes.And since the iPhone X will most likely receive the next update, this can potentially be regarded as the fact that the XR is also waiting for iOS 18. That is, at least 2.5 years remain before the end of its support.

With the rest of the specifications, the iPhone XR is also in order:

Display6.1″, 60Hz, IPSCPUA12 bionicCamera12 MPBattery2942 mAhCharging (power)15 WPlatformiOS 16Memory4/64, 4/128, 4/256 GB

Buy used iPhone XR

In SmartPrice, the iPhone XR with 64 GB of memory can be bought for only 20,889 rubles. And with a promo code Hinews you will get a 3% discount.This is a very favorable price, given that the device is in excellent technical and external condition, which the service experts rated at 5 points, having previously checked it for more than 25 parameters.

Which Samsung flagship to buy in 2023

Galaxy S20 runs on Android 13. Not all new flagships can boast of this

Ask any man who is real Apple competitor with her iPhones, and you will surely hear the unanimous "Samsung". The Koreans really produce excellent devices, which, in my indiscreet opinion, are considered best android smartphones On the market.If the Samsung budget line can still raise questions, then there are definitely no complaints about the flagships. They are fast, energy-efficient, trouble-free, convenient and simply beautiful. And I like the same Galaxy S20 even more than modern models. And that's why:

  • Whoever says anything, but curved screen, as they are commonly called today, "waterfall" -this is of course a great advantage for a smartphone, which immediately indicates its high status in the hierarchy. Not only is it just beautiful and looks very impressive, it is also, in principle, convenient. This curvature naturally makes it easier to use the back gesture when you swipe from one side of the screen to the other.
  • Case Galaxy S20 Made from truly flagship materials:glass and metal. It was developed in those days when no glastics (the essence of plastic, but with a claim to the strength of glass) were not yet in vogue. This combination feels completely different in the hand. You literally understand that you are holding a “thing”. With modern budgets, which are often made of plastic, there is no such feeling even close.
  • Despite the fact that this year the G20 turns 3 years old, it is still relevant and is still supported by the manufacturer. Android 13 for Galaxy S20 already released, but the updates for it will not end there. Throughout the next year, the device will receive regular security patches. And since the updates Google Play services for him they will not stop coming out and then, we can say that this is still an apparatus - for many years.

Specifications Galaxy S20:

Display6.2″, 120Hz, AMOLEDCPUExynos 990Camera64/12/12 MPBattery4000 mAhCharging (power)25 WPlatformAndroid 13Memory8/128 GB

Buy used Galaxy S20

Buy used Galaxy S20 on Avito or at flea markets, I would not recommendfor several reasons. This is the lack of a guarantee in case something happens to the device, and a complete misunderstanding of whether any components have changed in the smartphone, and the insecurity of the transaction, when you will most likely have to pay somewhere in the alley and strictly in cash. SmartPrice is strict with this: all devices from the range are checked according to 26 parameters, you can pay for the order by card, and all purchased devices are guaranteed for 180 days. And by promo code HINEWS You will also receive a 3% discount.

Smartphone with the fastest charging

This smartphone has one of the fastest chargers on the market.

Xiaomi 11T Pro is a smartphone that certainly deserves your attention. It's an eye-catching phone with cutting-edge specs, from Snapdragon 888 to 108 MP camera. Just take a look at its specs:

Display6.67″, 120Hz, AMOLEDCPUSnapdragon 888Camera108/8/5 MPBattery5000 mAhCharging (power)120 WPlatformAndroid 13Memory12/128, 12/256 GB

By purchasing Xiaomi 11T Pro, you will get an excellent camera phone with 12 GBRAM, a large display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a capacious 5000 mAh battery that charges at 120 watts. Thanks to efficient power adapters, it takes a smartphone only 15-17 minutes to replenish the battery life from 0 to 100%. In general, an advanced little thing. Few modern flagships can do this.

In general, Xiaomi is one of those smartphones,which are undoubtedly more profitable to buy in the secondary market. New - especially when it comes to flagships - they are unreasonably expensive, and they are getting cheaper very actively. Doesn't even take half a year prices for xiaomi phones reduced by 15 or even 20%.

Buy used Xiaomi 11T Pro

And this applies mainly to storedevices, while hand-held devices are most often already sold at the lowest possible price list. Therefore, when you sell it yourself, you will be able to set the most favorable price. After all, the main part was dropped when they sold the smartphone to you. And if you buy at SmartPrice with promo code HINEWS, which gives a 3% discount, you can be sure that you not only do not overpay, but also buy a proven device that will not break when you bring it home.

Should I buy Huawei Nova 9

Huawei smartphones One of my favorite Android devices.I appreciate them first of all for a successful firmware. It seems to me the most convenient, logical and non-clogging. Yes, yes, the last aspect is of great importance, because thanks to EMUI, the problem with phone lag due to cache will not overtake you even after several years of active use.

Huawei smartphones are an art form in their own right. And on the used market, you can also buy them at the best price.

Huawei Nova 9 will be a great choice for you,corresponding to the declared durability criterion. Even though it comes without Google services by default, we have detailed instructions on how to install Google Play and other services of the search giant on Huawei. Naturally, Google Pay will not work on them, but there will be no problems with Mir Pay, YouTube and Gmail.

Despite the fact that this is by no means a flagship, in terms of characteristics, the smartphone turned out to be very successful:

Display6.57″, 120Hz, AMOLEDCPUSnapdragon 778G 4GCamera50/8/2/2 MPBattery4300 mAhCharging (power)66 WPlatformAndroid 11 (EMUI 14)Memory8/128, 8/256 GB

Buy used Huawei Nova 9

Here you will find a screen-waterfall curved at the edges,making your smartphone easier to use and elevating your smartphone's status in the eyes of others, an excellent 50MP camera, stable support that is common to all Huawei smartphones with regular updates and security patches, and, most importantly, an extensive brand ecosystem. In a word, for the money that Huawei Nova 9 is asked for in SmartPrice, this is a real gift. Moreover, with promo code HINEWS, which additionally gives a discount of 3%.

How Honor differs from Huawei

Before Honor smartphones in fact, they did not differ much from Huawei,but now they have a very marked difference. Of course, we are talking about support for Google services, which the former have and the latter do not. Therefore, in my opinion, it is quite appropriate today to recommend them as separate devices. Moreover, the Honor 50 has a number of objective advantages that make it an excellent contender for a purchase in the secondary market.

Better than Huawei can only be Honor because of Google services

Honor 50 specs look like this:

Display6.57″, 120Hz, AMOLEDCPUSnapdragon 778G 5GCamera108/8/2/2 MPBattery4300 mAhCharging (power)66 WPlatformAndroid 12Memory6/128, 8/128, 8/256, 12/256 GB

Agree, differences between Honor 50 and Huawei Nova 9 not very many, but they are:

  • First, it's a camera. At Honor, it has a resolution of 108 megapixels versus only 50 for Huawei. This gives a noticeable increase in photo quality.
  • Secondly, it is 5G support. Due to the fact that Honor is not under sanctions, it can purchase full-fledged versions of Qualcomm processors with support for fifth-generation networks for its smartphones.
  • Thirdly, Honor smartphones, unlike Huawei, continue to receive android updatesand not just firmware. From a functional point of view, this, of course, has little effect, but I'll be honest with you: it's still more pleasant to use a device that Google "recognizes".

Buy used Honor 50

Where is the best place to buy used smartphones

It's obvious that buy used smartphonesneeded in the right places.I would not recommend taking the device simply from your hands to anyone, ever, because in this case you simply agree to the lottery. Even assuming that the seller is absolutely honest with you and swears that he has never repaired the phone, the possibility of unintentional damage during operation, which he himself does not know, cannot be ruled out.

SmartPrice experts carefully check all smartphones. So you don't have to worry about their condition.

There are cases when the user droppeddevice and provoked the effect of delayed failure. Outwardly, the device maintained its integrity and did not give the appearance that it was going to fail, but the loose components inside it fell off after a while, and the phone simply “covered up”. I'm not talking about unintentional damage to the layer that protects the device from moisture. It is easy to ruin it, and any contact with moisture can lead to flooding.

Our friends — store of new and used smartphonesSmartPrice - they check all smartphones that fall into them according to 26 parameters. This allows you to establish not only external, but also technical serviceability. And to make it easier for you to navigate the assortment of the store, the guys have provided a system of honest ratings for used devices:

  • 4+ - the device is in good condition, technically sound, but has signs of use (minor scratches, abrasions, minor chips);
  • 5 - the device is in excellent condition, technically fully functional and has subtle signs of use without a case (light scuffs and scratches);
  • 5+ - the device is in perfect condition, which can be called "like new".

Used smartphones at SmartPrice

In addition to the fact that devices are checked at the stageacceptance, SmartPrice also takes responsibility for their further performance. Therefore, for all smartphones that you buy in the store from the guys, a six-month warranty is provided, which is valid from the day you receive the device. And, if you didn’t like something, you can always be away from the device directly at the time of delivery.