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In the summer, the Starlink satellite Internet beta test will begin. You can apply now

Residents of big cities are already accustomed to high-speedInternet - from computers and smartphones you can easily watch movies and spend time in online games. But in some rural areas, people can’t even read the news and watch the weather forecast, because they either don’t have access to the Internet at all, or it costs too much. In 2015, SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, took up the solution to this problem. She launched the Starlink project, in which 12,000 satellites will be launched into low Earth orbit to distribute the Internet to the most remote corners of our planet. At the moment, the company has already launched 500 satellites, so in the coming months some people will be able to use the new satellite Internet - you just need to leave a request.

Elon Musk Announces Coming Starlink Internet Testing Coming Soon


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Starlink Internet

Become one of the first satellite usersStarlink Internet can be indicated on the official website with your email address and zip code. The company will identify among those who wish the most suitable for testing users based on their area of ​​residence. On his Twitter, Elon Musk announced that the first satellite Internet testers would be residents of Seattle, Washington. Then, users from Germany will be able to test the new technology, and at the end of the year it is expected to launch the service in North America.

To try your luck, just enter your email address, zip code and choose your country of residence

It is important to note: perhaps satellite internet in Russia will be banned. The prerequisites for this appeared in 2019

Satellite Internet Price

To receive signals from satellites, usersStarlink networks will have to buy special satellite dishes. They have already been spotted at the SpaceX plant in the US state of Texas. Their cost is still unknown but, according to foreign sources, such equipment costs from $ 5,000. It may well be that the company will have to develop less expensive plates so that everyone can buy them. Although, there are reports that one Starlink satellite will be able to transmit signals immediately to 1200 satellite dishes. Hundreds of devices can connect to each such antenna. In theory, residents of small settlements will be able to jointly buy one equipment for all, which is not so expensive.

Estimated Satellite Dish Needed for Starlink Internet

Satellite Internet Speed

Given that the totality of all satellitesStarlink will be able to serve 14.3 million satellite dishes, and it turns out that about 1 gigabit per second will be allocated for each antenna. That is, each user connected to a common plate will receive Internet at a speed of about 10-15 megabits per second. At least, foreign journalists came to such conclusions. It is believed that the Internet Starlink will be able not only to provide Internet to remote areas of our planet, but will also be popular among fans of online games - the delay (ping) rate will be only 30 milliseconds.

Earlier, Elon Musk reported that Starlink monthly subscription fee will be about 80 dollars.

However, to cover so muchan audience, a company needs to put more satellites into the orbit of our planet - for this, Falcon-9 launch vehicles are used, inside which 60 satellites weighing from 100 to 500 kilograms are placed. A fresh batch was sent on June 13, 2020, and if everything goes according to plan and launches will be successful, by 2021 Starlink satellite Internet will work worldwide.

Starlink satellites look something like this

Satellite Security

Many scientists are worried that thousandssatellites at an altitude of up to 1325 kilometers from the surface of our planet will interfere with space research. The fact is that these satellites reflect sunlight and make the near-Earth space bright. And for the study of stars using ground-based telescopes, it is very important that the sky is as dark as possible. To solve this problem, SpaceX equipped a pair of satellites with mirrors that should reflect sunlight back. The technology is currently being tested, but if it can reduce light pollution, future satellite models will also be equipped with reflective elements.

More on how Starlink satellite Internet will work, in 2018, the author of Ilya Hel wrote

If you believe the letter that comes after enteringemail addresses, Starlink satellite internet beta testing will begin in the summer of 2020. To launch the test mode, it is necessary that at least 800 satellites are in the orbit of the Earth. That is, before this event, SpaceX will make several more launches of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with a payload in the form of small satellites.