Xbox Series X console may be hot

Ahead of the official launch of console salesXbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Sony and Microsoft are actively holding presentations and demonstrating the merits of their game consoles. The day before, Japanese journalists had the opportunity to evaluate the PS5 and get acquainted with the work of new models of controllers. Experts noted that the console is much quieter than previous models of the company, and only slightly heated air comes out of the ventilation hole. Almost immediately there were opinions of experts about similar parameters of the Xbox Series X.

This is how Jeux Video journalist Ken Bogard notedExtremely high temperature of the Xbox Series X console while operating. At the same time, he did not launch new games on the console that required an increased load, but worked with old games, testing backward compatibility along the way.

At the same time, the expert noted that the Xbox Series consoleX is very quiet. However, the high temperature surprised Bogard very much, who compared the temperature of the exhaust air with the temperature of the air heated by household fireplaces. He even joked that a Microsoft console could heat an apartment.

Giant Bomb Resource Representative Jeff Baccalaralso pointed out the excessive heating of the Xbox Series X. However, he notes that the console heats up even in idle mode. As a result, the memory expansion card heated up from the case, and the specialist was able to feel the high temperature by touching it with his fingers.

Baccalar notes that all consoles are usually “somethingdo "in a state of expectation. However, the Xbox Series X runs processes that require heat dissipation. Meanwhile, experts note that the presented models of consoles are test ones and by the time production samples are released, the problem can be solved.

Previously, Microsoft already faced the problem of overheating of the console model Xbox 360. During the revision, the deficiency was eliminated, and the following Xbox One consoles were already working without overheating.

UPD: And a little later, information-denial appeared from many other bloggers who, according to a non-disclosure agreement, cannot disclose certain points, but directly hint that the information about the "hot" prefix has nothing to do with reality.

Source: videogameschronicle