Mobile accessory set will make it easier to use iPhone 12 and other smartphones (6 photos + video)

На краудфандингой площадке Kickstarter начат сбор funds for a project to release a set of Mobile accessories that adapts smartphones to any life situation. In the very first days, the project has already collected almost $ 1.3 million, with the necessary $ 100 thousand to launch the project. The initiative comes from Peak Design (San Francisco, Calif.), For which Mobile is the 10th anniversary project on Kickstarter.

New set of accessories for smartphones Mobilediffers from previously offered gadgets on the market, "... high functionality and sophisticated design." The main consumers for new accessories are the owners of smartphones of the new line of Apple iPhone 12. However, the developers from Peak Design note that thanks to the unified design of modern smartphones, the Mobile kit can also be used for the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20 models.

Mobile project presentation on KickstarterDemonstrates the possibilities of accessories designed for use with smartphones in standard scenarios, with a mount for use in cars or when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. For example, to prove the reliability of a rigid mount on bicycles, the developers showed how a user, holding a smartphone, was able to lift a bicycle.
Mobile accessories are equipped with a durable protective2.4mm Everyday Case, Apple MagSafe Wireless Charging Stand, Action Camera Mount, compact tripod and convenient Wallet pouch with storage for up to seven credit cards.

With the purchase of the entire set of Mobile accessoriesthe user must pay $ 332. However, individual accessories are available to order. The delivery of the Mobile kit to the first customers will begin in May 2021. Today, 46 days before the end of the fundraising, the project has already raised $ 1.284 million on Kickstarter.

Source: kickstarter