Sennheiser launches a pair of new TWS headphones with active noise cancellation

Sennheiser has launched TWS headphones with active noise cancellation, designated TVS 200 and ConC 400.

A feature of the TVS 200 model is the presencetransmitter that you can connect to your TV and listen to it using headphones. You can connect multiple headphones to the transmitter and listen to a source such as TV in public places. The battery life of these headphones is 15 hours on a full charge.

The second model ConC 400 TWS can be connected tomultiple sources, it uses active noise cancellation, and it can work on a full charge up to 9 hours, and when using the charging case - 72 hours. New items should appear on sale before the end of June, but so far the company has not provided information on the prices of models.