Otto Aviation officially presented the Celera 500L bullet plane (2 photos + video)

After many years of development carried out in the modeIn total secrecy, the American company Otto Aviation has officially presented the new passenger aircraft Celera 500L, capable of revolutionizing the business jet market. Tests of an aircraft with an unusual fuselage similar in shape to a bullet have been taking place since 2017 and have been noticed by insiders more than once.

Now the company has officially emerged from the shadows andannounced the creation of a highly efficient passenger aircraft that can fly unmanned and as a cargo aircraft, as well as be used for defense missions. In its first official announcement, the company, founded by renowned physicist, designer and scientist William Otto, announced that the Celera 500L prototype has completed 31 successful test flights to date.

Among the main challenges facingthe developers and, according to their application, successfully solved, set, first of all, a decrease in fuel consumption, a decrease in harmful emissions into the atmosphere and a decrease in the cost of flights in the business class segment.

Ensuring the reduction of aerodynamicThe resistance of the Celera 500L was achieved by using the original shape of the aircraft's hull, wings and propellers to create laminar flow at the rear of the aircraft. As a result, drag was reduced by 59% compared to an average aircraft of the same class. The use of RED Aircraft 12-cylinder RED A03 (368 kW) engines, provides high energy efficiency and reduces emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by 30% compared to FAA and ICAO regulations from US environmental regulators.

Among the main technical characteristics of CeleraThe 500L, now listed on the company's official website, has a high non-stop range (for six adult passengers) of about 4,500 nautical miles (8,334 km), which makes it possible to travel between continents and fly anywhere in the United States. The cruising speed of the Celera 500L is 460 mph or 740 km / h.

Notable performance parametersengines RED A03, allowing the aircraft to overcome 18 - 25 miles per gallon of fuel or 7.65-10.62 km per liter. In existing business jets, this figure is 2-3 mpg or 0.85-1.27 km / l. Hourly operating costs are $ 328, up from $ 2,100 in the industry.
Aerodynamic quality or indexCelera 500L, makes the plane similar to a glider and is 22: 1, which allows the plane to fly over 200 km with the engines turned off at an altitude of 10 km.

Interior design of the passenger cabinprovides comfort when traveling for 6 people. The cabin height of 188 cm will allow most users to straighten up to their full height. The company plans to use the Celera 500L not only as business jets, but also as a flying taxi, with the possibility of switching to unmanned flights in the future. Otto Aviation does not exclude the conclusion of a contract with the military. Also, the nearest plans include the introduction to the market of a larger modification of the Celera 1000L aircraft, which is 20% higher than the size of the presented aircraft.

It should be noted that one of the foundersCompany William Otto once worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory, which played a major role in the process of creating the first nuclear bomb. William Otto was involved in the development of tactical nuclear weapons and projects to create nuclear propulsion systems.

Further, at North American Aviation, heparticipated in the creation of the legendary P-51D-5-NA Mustang fighter and Space Shuttle elements. William Otto took part in the creation of the B1 bomber and in the work on the Minuteman missile guidance system. In 1974, Otto set up a company to investigate the causes of plane crashes. Already in the current millennium, in 2008, he co-founded the Otto Aviation Group, which is now bringing to the market the revolutionary Celera 500 aircraft that can change the future of aviation.