Compact printer prints text as the user dictates

Selpic P1 mobile handheld printer designedstartup Selpic, will greatly simplify the work of users when creating small inscriptions, applying QR and barcodes, photographs and logos on various surfaces. The first reports of a new, fully self-contained portable printer surfaced about a month ago, and now the company has taken the project to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, offering the Selpic P1 by pre-order for $ 99.

The main feature of the Selpic P1 will bethe ability to print the text pronounced by the user. In addition, a universal printer will be able to reproduce inscriptions not only on paper, but also on almost any surface.

The Selpic P1 mechanism is designed for maximummeet the needs of the user and allows you to label from any angle in any orientation, including vertical and horizontal. Left to right and right to left printing is also available.

Using the built-in microphone in your smartphone,Selpic P1 app can turn spoken words into text. The developers claim to use extremely high quality speech recognition technology.

Selpic P1 inkjet printer is equipped with 300 nozzles,allowing you to print at 600 x 600 DPI. The total printer output is 18 million drops per second. Changing cartridges takes a few seconds. The company offers 8 different color cartridges that allow you to write on surfaces with different backgrounds.

The device weighs 91 grams, and the compact size(130 x 31 x 24 mm) allows you to carry the printer in your pocket. Selpic P1 runs on Android, Windows and iOS. Communication is carried out via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Autonomy is provided by a 210 mAh battery. There is a USB-C connector.

Estimated delivery time of the first Selpic printersP1 pre-order - September 2020. During the first day, the project raised on Indiegogo an amount one and a half times higher than the $ 20,000 required to get started.

Source: indiegogo