Comet NEOWISE flies over the earth, the next chance will be admired after 7000 years! (video)

This year, crowded with negativeglobal events, humanity expects another unexpected, rare and entertaining phenomenon. Over the course of the week that began, from July 14 to 19, earthlings will be able to observe the flight of comet NEOWISE (C / 2020 F3), which rarely flies into “our” sector of the solar system. Residents of the Northern Hemisphere will be able to see the mysterious guest some time later (1-1.5 hours) after sunset.

Visually impaired people with goodknowledge of the starry sky can be seen by NEOWISE and with the naked eye. Ordinary earthlings will be able to use any optical instruments and numerous guides and schemes for detecting a comet. Those wishing to see a rare visitor in the night sky should hurry, as the next time observing NEOWISE from the Earth with the naked eye will be possible only after 6800 years.

The comet was discovered relatively recently. The first, March 27, 2020, saw the NEOWISE infrared telescope of NASA - the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. It is the abbreviation of the telescope that gave the name to the comet, the origin of which is associated with the era of the formation of the solar system. The comet is about 4.6 billion years old. Already in June, the double tail of the comet, the diameter of which is only 5 km, became visible from Earth. After overcoming the perihelion on July 3, NEOWISE circled the Sun and turned back.

By July 22, the comet will approach the Earth as close as possible to a distance of about 100 million km, and then will go further in its near-parabolic orbit to return in 7 thousand years.

Source: nasa