Collectors and voice spam, almost 100 calls an hour! The suffering of random people


Life is much more intricate than any script for the series. My friend complained that his life

turned into a branch of hell.The mobile phone receives non-stop calls from an unknown number, there are so many of them that, even ignoring them, it is impossible to use the mobile Internet, it just cuts off from time to time. The reason for the spam call attack is that his phone was in the contact list of an acquaintance who was "hacked" a few months ago.

The background of the question is interesting, but to understandthere is no point in deciding who is to blame and who is right, since this is already secondary information. My friend received such a message in Telegram, we just crossed out the whole mat.

Did the girl take money from someone or not, does not playroles. The subsequent harassment of acquaintances on her contact list is illegal and outside of any rules. Let's try to figure out what happened, how to protect ourselves from it and whether there is a government for those who are trying to act in this way.

So my friend wrote to Pauline T., it was pointed out to her by a certain folk collector. A familiar girl, works as a journalist in a large business newspaper, I'm not afraid of this word - in the host. He wrote to her, received in response the following message: “Hello! Oh gods ... A couple of months ago, everything was hacked into me, I changed the number, all the cards, passwords. Well, since then, from time to time someone flies like this ... ".

The girl claims that these are not collectors, hercomplaints to the Central Bank were forwarded to the FSSP, from there to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and inside they were already dissolved without a trace. According to her, the only reaction is a letter from the district police officer. In fact, there was no effective reaction, even taking into account the fact that this is an employee of a large publishing house and such things should attract the attention of law enforcement agencies. It is possible that this is interpreted as a situation that can be easily experienced and that delivers only minor anguish to others.


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So, in the evening after my friend's warningreceived 87 calls within an hour and a half. At night, the callers were interrupted (it is clear that this was done by a robot), in the morning there was a repetition of the situation - 181 calls in the morning.

The first was an attempt to resolve the issue at the levelphone, add unknown numbers to the block list. Everything happened correctly, the phone stopped vibrating and ringing. But bad luck, the calls themselves were not dropped, they continued, and while the call was going on, other people could not get through, the mobile Internet periodically fell off. Uncomfortable.

An appeal to Yota operator support led to such a dialogue, to a gradual increase in the degree of communication, since the issue was not resolved in any way.

I connected to this story on this particularstage, in one of the closed Telegram chats, where there are a lot of journalists, bloggers and PR people, my friend began to upload these screenshots. I was surprised by the sharpness of the Yota support employee, as well as the lack of an adequate response. I attribute all this to the human factor, which appears anywhere and does not depend directly on the company. One such story in the PR aspect can cost any operator a lot, but it is impossible to give each support employee a head.

I knew that operators for such situations havetheir own solutions, blocking spammers who call, controlling the number that is being attacked. I do not want to go into details and details of how protection is implemented at the level of each company, as this will be useful information for any kind of scammers and spammers. But it is important to know that protection exists and it works. In this case, she did not have time to work (more precisely, she appeared, but the support in the person of a particular person simply did not know how she works, what she does, and hence such strange dialogues). In the future, the calls were simply removed, and the situation was more or less resolved in a positive way. It was not difficult to block the "hidden" number, since it is located in Russia.

An interesting question immediately arises here.issued on a real person, he has a first and last name, it is not difficult to find his coordinates. But the SIM card is "lost", although such spam calls continue to be made from it. Even based on the presumption of innocence, we can say that the owner of the number does not give a damn about what happens to the SIM card. And if it was not spammers who used it, but it was lit up in other crimes, would the attitude remain the same disregard? Against the backdrop of this story, I will once again say that the campaign of operators for the purity of subscribers' passport data, their reality in the databases is not just justified, it is the only possible one. It is the need to obey the law. And for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this is the entry point, the search for where the unknown “collector” took the SIM card from in order to use it in such situations. You can’t leave room for maneuver for everyone who carelessly keeps track of their SIM cards, and at the same time pays for their services. In a word, you can find a way out to the person who made an avalanche of spam calls, sent threats, if you wish. And it seems to me that it is also necessary that others be disrespectful.

In such situations, you need to react calmly andSimply, the algorithm of actions is straightforward. Put unfamiliar numbers on the block list. Each manufacturer has its own settings for this action, but they are more or less the same.

For a number of manufacturers, such calls are dropped (this is a good spam filter), for some companies, the sound and notification of the call are simply removed (as we saw above, this is a bad option).

Next, you can use several methods,which will make life difficult for callers. For example, you can forward such calls to a voice assistant (there will be a connection, the attacker leaves more traces - even if there is a robot). Maybe a voice box. Here the choice is yours, but you can not do this at all.

Need to contact supportoperator, describe the situation, ask to block such voice spam, monitor your number. As a rule, all this happens quickly, free of charge, and the company makes sure that nothing like this happens to you. It happens that support is broken, as in our history (hello, human factor), then you have to reach the next level of support, you can use social networks for this, where operators respond quickly, as well as the issue is resolved, if not quickly, then in a short time .

For those who want to annoy someone like thismanner. The illusion that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not deal with you, no one will look for you, is akin to what telephone hooligans thought until recently. But often they are found, and they are responsible for their actions, of course, if they are physically located on the territory of Russia. It's pretty much the same story here.

Informally asked the operators howstories such as the one described above are common, with calls that annoy by going non-stop. The answer reassured me a little, these are rare situations that are quickly resolved in favor of the subscriber who is being attacked. So worrying about the fact that such an attack can happen to any of us is definitely not worth it.

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