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When were the oldest companies in the world founded?

Today, one of the most recognizable companies.are Apple, Google and Microsoft. The first company produces popular smartphones, the second created a well-known search engine, and the third developed the ubiquitous Windows operating system. Being founded no more than 50 years ago, they gained great fame in a very short time. But companies that were founded hundreds of years ago still work in different parts of our planet. In 2011, the title "oldest company in the world" was given to the Japanese hotel Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, which was established back in 705. At the moment, the business is run by 53 generation of one family - the hotel offers people to relax and take a bath with water from hot springs. But what other old companies exist to this day? Let's get it right.

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Hot spring - groundwaters that have come to the surface with temperatures above +20 degrees Celsius. Hot springs of Russia are located in Sochi, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk and other cities.


  • 1 The oldest bank
  • 2 The oldest newspaper
  • 3 The oldest manufacturer of musical instruments
  • 4 The oldest beer
  • 5 The oldest company in Russia

Oldest bank

The very first bank in the world was founded in 1477and is called Monte dei Paschi di Siena (Monte dei Paschi di Siena). The company was founded in the Republic of Siena, which existed until the 16th century and was considered the largest financial center in Italy. In the early years of its existence, the bank provided loans to people in need with low interest rates. Over its history, the bank has undergone many changes and at the moment it works in almost all financial centers of the world.

Palazzo Salimbeni Palace

Thanks to its rich history, Monte dei Pascadi Siena is considered a symbol of banking. The headquarters of the company is located in the Italian palace of the Palazzo Salimbeni. It contains many historical documents and originals of paintings by famous Italian artists like Pietro Lorenzetti.

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Oldest newspaper

The oldest newspaper to publishbreaking news, considered the "Regular Post News" (Ordinari Post Tijdender). The date of creation of the Swedish newspaper is 1645. Information was collected by special employees who were supposed to report all the news about people's lives to journalists. Fresh numbers were hung up in crowded places so that people would be aware of all changes in society. In 1821, the newspaper was merged with another publication, after which it began to be referred to as “Post and Local News” (Post-och Inrikes Tidningar).

The page of the newspaper "Regular postal news"

For a long time, the newspaper flourished, but over time itcommercial newspapers began to interfere. Due to great competition, in 1922 the newspaper began to publish only information on government decrees. As time went on, technology began to develop rapidly and the Internet appeared - since 2007, fresh numbers have been released exclusively in electronic form. Here, by the way, is the official site.

Ordinari Post Tijdender Website

The oldest manufacturer of musical instruments

If you believe the historical data, then musicalInstruments first began to be produced in 1623. It was then that one of the inhabitants of the Ottoman Empire created an alloy of copper, tin and silver, which, when struck, emitted a clean ring. Over time, he began to make sheets of them, which are now known as drum cymbals. The manufacturer also created percussion instruments that were used by warriors during battles to intimidate enemies.

Contemporary plate Zildjian

That’s how the Zildjian company came about,which today is considered a major manufacturer of percussion instruments. It is worth noting that they are not cheap and are respected by professional musicians. The headquarters of the company, by the way, is located in the USA. And all because the descendants of the same man in the early XX century moved there to expand the business.

Oldest beer

If on the counter you see beer withWeihenstephan label - Know that it was made by the oldest brewery in the world. It was founded in 1040, in the German city of Freising. According to the Internet, the company has gained great fame due to the high quality of drinks. For example, some people say that the taste of Weihenstephan beer has a “banana hint”.

Weihenstephan - the oldest beer brand

In addition to beer production itself, employeesWeihenstephan teach brewing. It is reported that they are collaborating with the University of Agriculture. At the brewery there is a small restaurant, visitors to which can try different varieties of the drink. Also, a botanical garden with hop samples, which is used in the manufacture of beer, is open for visitors.

Important: Editorial does not support the use of alcohol. On the dangers of alcohol, we have a separate article

The oldest company in Russia

The very first company founded in Russiathe company can confidently be called the Petrodvorets watch factory. It was founded in 1721 by Peter I to make jewelry for the royal family. Throughout its history, the plant has changed its direction several times. For example, in 1949, the “Victory” and “Star” watches were assembled there. Since 1961, the factory has been producing watches under the brand name "Rocket".

Watch “Victory”

Today, the plant not only produceswatches, but also provides customers with various types of third-party services. For example, employees repair various meters, produce small parts for various equipment, and do other tasks that require extreme precision. In 2015, the plant introduced the largest watch movement in the world - it is installed in the “TsDM at Lubyanka”.

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It is worth noting that another well-known companyThe present is Tesla, created by Elon Musk. In 2018, the author of Ilya Hel wrote a series of articles about the history of the company - I highly recommend reading it!