China launched the first satellite to create a 5G Internet network

Chinese astronautics continues to demonstratehigh achievements that can really affect the quality of life of citizens of the country. This year’s first launch of a communications satellite using a Chinese rocket launcher launched the program to create a national 5G network for broadcasting the Internet.

The launch was conducted from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome(Gansu Province, North China). The satellite squadron deployment program, which covers the entire territory of China, is led by telecommunications company GalaxySpace, registered in Beijing.
In orbit, the communications satellite for 5G Internet waslaunched by the Kuaizhou-1A rocket, designed and manufactured by the China Corporation of Aerospace Science and Industry. This is a fairly cheap commercial launch vehicle capable of launching small satellites weighing up to 300 kg into low orbit.

In the near future, the formation of a full-fledged constellation of satellites capable of delivering 5G Internet services to anywhere in China will continue.