China lights artificial sun - HL-2M Tokamak

Last Friday, December 4th, all majorChinese media reported on the next success of scientists and engineers of the Celestial Empire. In China, a new experimental installation for a thermonuclear reactor under the brand name HL-2M Tokamak has been successfully launched, replacing the HL-2A reactor. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Chinese scientists have barely lagged behind the scheduled launch date for the next generation fusion plant.

The HL-2M Tokamak experimental reactor isthe largest and most advanced facility in China's nuclear fusion research. The device is capable of generating plasma with temperatures exceeding 150 million degrees Celsius (10 times the temperature of the solar core).

Energy retention time in standard moderntokamak is less than one second. The discharge duration of the HL-2M is approximately 10 seconds with an energy retention time of several hundred milliseconds. The result of the HL-2M work will support China's participation in an international project in France to create a working experimental thermonuclear reactor (ITER), in which the countries of the European Union, the USA, India, Japan, South Korea and Russia are participating.

Source: phys