The Chinese showed a new smart look of tinted glass for cars (3 photos)

The world's largest Chinese software companyBOE Technology Group introduced a unique glass dimming technology to the display industry, which can be controlled using touch and voice commands. The main area of ​​use of the new technology today is the automotive industry.

According to the developers from BOE technologyDimming LCD panels are used to design intelligent panoramic sunroofs in passenger cars, and are characterized by fast response speed and high transparency with low power consumption. Panels using the new technology provide a function of protection against ultraviolet radiation, as well as increased sound insulation and thermal protection, making it possible to abandon the traditional sun blinds. The technology is based on the use of the property of controlling the rotation of dye molecules under the influence of a voltage applied to the panel.

Smart dimming applicationillustrated with side windows and sunroofs for cars. However, BOE engineers declare the prospects of using the invention in aircraft construction, in railway trains or in shipbuilding.

During the demo of tinted smart windows, there wasshows the ability to display useful information on the panel, such as time, temperature or weather forecast. In this case, the degree of shading can be adjusted using a swipe across the glass surface. It is also stated that smart glasses can be used in everyday life in the construction of buildings, when the consumer can change the tint of the windows and reduce the influence of sunlight.

Source: gizmochina