Sony’s pocket air conditioner cools and warms the user by 5 degrees (6 photos + video)

Sony Corporation Offers Original Wearablea product that allows its owner to cool certain parts of the body, locally lowering the temperature by 5 degrees. It is noteworthy that the device can also warm the user by 5 degrees.

Such a unique feature of the Reon devicePocket manifests itself when placed in an inner pocket on a T-shirt. Sony offers such t-shirts with an internal pocket for Reon Pocket for only 1,400 rubles, however, if you wish, you can sew such a pocket on your own with any t-shirt.

To work Reon Pocket must be downloaded toSmartphone is a special application through which the operating mode is set. An important point for the effective operation of the device is the contact between the body and the Reon Pocket, even through the pocket fabric.

Cooling / heating technology in Reon PocketIt is based on the use of the Peltier effect, according to which, when electricity passes between two dissimilar conductors, energy is transferred. Depending on the direction of the current, either selection or energy flow occurs. Improving the efficiency of heat removal is provided by a miniature fan built into Reon Pocket.

Autonomous work for 2 to 4 hoursfor Reon Pocket provide a rechargeable battery. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery using the USB-C connector. In Japan, Reon Pocket sells for about $ 170.

Source: SONY