Kalashnikov will develop a new machine gun, instead of the failed RPK 16

The Russian army in the near future will receivea new light machine gun, the development of which, based on the RPK-16 model, will be carried out by the state corporation Kalashnikov. According to information received from the military-industrial complex, presented in 2017 and tested in the troops during 2018-2019, the RPK-16 machine gun received a number of significant comments from the military. As a result, the developer, taking into account all the claims and suggestions expressed, will actually be engaged in the creation of a new machine gun.

For the first time, the light RPK-16 light machine gun wasdemonstrated at the events of the military-technical forum "Army 2017". The 5.45 mm machine gun had the ability to change the barrel from a short one, for use as an assault rifle, to a long one, intended for use as a combined-arms infantry machine gun. Also in RPK-16 it was possible to use a standard magazine with 30 rounds and a special one with 96 rounds.

Following a two-year test of RPK-16 inthe troops carried out in various climatic conditions, the military presented a number of complaints and expressed some proposals that need to be implemented for the effective use of the machine gun. As a result, RPK-16 was not purchased by the army of the Russian Federation, and the developers decided to create an almost new machine gun, which will take into account all the comments of the military.