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How do horror movies affect our body and who better not watch them?

Horror films can be considered one of the very firstgenres of cinema. The first film that aroused a sense of fear in the audience was filmed in 1896 and was called "The Devil's Castle". It lasted only 3 minutes, but in those days it seemed amazing because it used special effects. Modern horror films can last 2-3 hours and sophisticated viewers can no longer be surprised by special effects. Many of us try not to miss new items, because among them there may be very good creations. Horror films strongly affect our emotional statecausing stress, fear, and subsequent relief. That is, we react to them very strongly, which can noticeably affect our health. Scientists believe that sometimes horror movies have a beneficial effect on us. But what is the benefit and in what cases can they be harmful?

Surprisingly, sometimes horror movies can help relieve stress.

Scientists have already conducted a huge amountresearch on the impact of horror films on human health. In the course of all these scientific works, it was found that while watching horror films, people undergo great changes in the body. Several studies have shown that fear of watching movies strengthens the immune system, burns calories and even reduces stress levels. All this happens due to the fact that sharp sounds, frame changes and intense plots provoke the production of hormones that affect the work of our internal organs.

Shot from the film "It"

The benefits of horror films

Some scholars are convinced that horror films canimprove people's quality of life. It so happens that in a person's life there are not enough interesting events and it seems too boring to him. Because of this, the so-called emotional stagnationwhich can eventually lead tothe occurrence of depression. To experience an emotional shake-up, some people are advised to watch horror movies from time to time. As a rule, after the experience of the horror of sitting on the couch, a person's emotional state improves. It is believed that it is because of the regular occurrence of emotional stagnation that some people jump with parachutes and go in for extreme sports. And someone just watches horror films.

Emotional stagnation - a phenomenon when a person lacks interesting events in life. For people with emotional stagnation, life can seem monotonous and exhausting.

From a psychiatric point of view, horror films can be used as a tool for conducting exposure therapy... This is the name of the method in which people withanxiety disorders in a safe environment confront the causes of their fears. For example, if you are afraid of spiders, you can watch horror movies with their participation. Offhand, you can recall the movie "The Kingdom of the Spiders" in 1977, which tells about how the inhabitants of one of the American cities are experiencing an invasion of tarantulas. And people who are afraid of snakes can watch the movie "Fair Play" in 1988, where a woman finds herself in a room with a dangerous creature.

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The harm of horror movies

But some people watch horror moviescontraindicated. Fear causes heart palpitations, so people with cardiovascular disease should be careful when choosing films. And it is not worth using horror films as the only way to deal with depression. Scientists believe that with frequent viewing, horror can only exacerbate the situation. Usually, people stop feeling fear after about 30 minutes after the movie ends. But impressionable viewers can become afraid of situations that have not previously caused them any tension. Usually children love horror films, but if they start having nightmares, it is recommended to limit watching horror films.

If children still want to watch horror movies, one of the good options is "Gremlins" 1984

In general, an unambiguous answer to the questionthe safety of horror movies does not exist. In some cases, they can help in getting rid of mental disorders. But some people should watch horror movies with caution. If you love horror movies and want to tickle your nerves, take a look at the list of the scariest horror movies, which was created based on the audience's heart rate. It is believed that the more often and harder a person's heart beats while watching a movie, the worse it is. The rating was published in the music edition New Musical Express.

TOP scariest horror movies:

  • Sinister (2012);
  • Astral (2010);
  • The Conjuring (2013);
  • Reincarnation (2018);
  • Paranormal Activity (2019).

Most likely you have already watched all the movies from thislist. In fact, I would put the 1973 horror movie The Exorcist in first place. What horror movies do you like the most? Share in the comments or in our Telegram chat. Personally, I will be very grateful!