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How do the natives behave when they see ordinary people?

While almost the whole world goes to work andengaged in other "modern" affairs, aborigines live in the forests of different parts of our planet. It is customary to call this word the peoples who lived on certain parts of the Earth before people from other places came there. When someone talks about aborigines, many of us imagine savages who live in places remote from modern settlements according to their own rules and do not like strangers... This is partly true, because inThere are many friendly indigenous peoples in the world, but most Aboriginal people are so detached from other people that they are very hostile. Recently in Brazil there was a tragedy - one of the researchers of the wild tribes tried to get in touch with the natives of Brazil and was killed by an arrow shot from a bow. Many foreign publications wrote about this incident, so there are plenty of details about it.

This is how you and I represent the natives

Tribes of Brazil

According to the human rights organization Survival International, in the Brazilian forests of the Amazon inhabited by about 100 wild tribeswho do not want to contact strangers. One of the tribes has long settled in the state of Rondonia, near the Gautario River. Until now, representatives of this tribe were considered peaceful. In June 2020, they even showed themselves to ordinary people and left them gifts. But they previously made armed raids after poachers invaded their territory. After that, it became clear that representatives of some tribes do not know how to distinguish friends from enemies. If they see at least one person who can harm them, they can attack the people around him.

This is how the forests of the Amazon look like and the aborigines live in them

Attack on a man in Brazil

Aboriginal rights are protected by differentorganizations, and one of them is the Brazilian National Indian Trust. One of the key employees of the foundation was Rieli Franciscato, 56, who devoted almost his entire career to the study and protection of the inhabitants of the Amazonian forests. Recently, he decided to meet representatives of the "Gautario River Tribe" and came to their territory, accompanied by police officers. Previously, he could have traveled with the guards of the Brazilian Indian Foundation, but recently the organization had to reduce its staff. And all because the local authorities do not support her ideas and believe that the forests of the Amazon occupied by the aborigines can be used for growing crops and mining. Funding for the foundation was stopped, but the organization did not cease to exist.

Rieli Franciscato

When Rieli Franciscato and the police showed upin foreign territory, the natives began to shoot at them from a bow. The police managed to hide behind the cars, but the researcher hesitated and received an arrow directly into the area of ​​the heart. According to one of the police officers, after Rieli was wounded, Franciscato pulled out an arrow, ran about 50 meters and fell. The police put him in a car and immediately went to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, the life of the researcher could not be saved.

Environmentalists accuse Brazilian authorities of destroying Amazon forests

What exactly provoked the aborigines to attack,not yet known. Most likely, they were frightened by police cars and a large crowd of people. Some time ago, poachers and gold miners began to appear on the territory of the tribe. Perhaps the researcher and the police officers accompanying him were mistaken for enemies and the inhabitants of the Amazon forests decided to immediately begin to defend their territory. What measures will be taken after this incident is still unknown. But the Brazilian authorities believe that small tribes occupy too large areas that can be used profitably. But Aboriginal rights defenders stand ready to fight any government action against indigenous peoples.

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The most dangerous tribe

It is worth noting that the above tribe isfar from the most dangerous of all. One of the islands of the Indian Ocean is inhabited by the Sentinel tribe, after meeting with whom few people managed to stay alive. In 2018, 27-year-old John Allen Cho tried to get in touch with them, but he failed - while he was sailing to the island, he was shot from a bow. According to the fishermen who accompanied the daredevil to the island, after the attack, the aborigines tied a rope to the “stranger's” neck and dragged the body along the sand. At the moment, it is known that about 400 aborigines live on the island and they have no idea what a wheel is and do not know how to make fire on their own.


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But don't think that everyone is warlikeare all aborigines without exception. For example, Australian Aborigines even have their own television and world-famous personalities. Australian athlete Cathy Freeman is the 2000 Olympic champion in the 400 meters.