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How to recognize poisonous spiders and snakes using your smartphone?

According to the calculations of scientists, at the moment in Australiaabout 200,000 species of animals live. Most of the creatures living on this continent cannot be found on other continents, that is, they are unique. It just so happened that people associate Australia with poisonous snakes, spiders and other terrible creatures. And this is quite true, because the Internet is full of stories about how Australians discovered huge snakes right in their toilet and deadly spiders in the living room. In fact, most Australian snakes and spiders are harmless to humans, but how do we know? After all, not everyone knows how to recognize animal species by their appearance alone. To help people quickly identify the venomousness of snakes and spiders, the National Science Agency CSIRO has developed the Critterpedia app. Users can take a picture of the animal and the service will quickly determine its type and degree of danger to humans.

Sydney leukopautus spider (Atrax robustus) - one of the most dangerous inhabitants of Australia


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Animals of Australia

The details of the Critterpedia app sharedHappy magazine. Among all the species of Australian animals, there are about 2,000 species of spiders and 170 species of snakes. Even if the Australian government publishes a huge book describing all the poisonous and harmless creatures, no one person can remember them all. And to be able to recognize them, nevertheless, it is necessary - the chances of stumbling upon a poisonous creature are very high. For example, in 2015, 22-year-old Sydney resident Jarred Smith found a venomous snake right inside a cereal box. The uninvited guest turned out to be a two-meter python, which, although not poisonous, may well swallow an adult.

This is what the recognition of poisonous creatures looks like.

The developers acknowledge that for nowthe recognition accuracy is far from ideal and the application may be wrong. The fact is that artificial intelligence only has photographs provided by zoologists collaborating with Critterpedia. But, if users use the service more often, sending photos of animals from different angles, the accuracy will automatically increase. You look, a few more months, and the application will recognize poisonous snakes as well as Shazam music.

The application base contains approximately the following photos

The habitat of snakes and spiders

It is important to note that the application requires access tolocation of the person. The fact is that some species of spiders and snakes live strictly in certain regions of Australia. For example, if a person meets a potentially dangerous creature in the west of the mainland, it will be easier for artificial intelligence to determine its appearance. This is because species that do not live in a particular region will automatically be crossed out from the list of possible options. This is an excellent solution, because some types of snakes are very similar in appearance and such minor features as small dots on the head and so on can indicate poisonousness.

The poisonous black widow spider is found in the Americas. But in Australia there are very few of them.

In Australia, very beautiful spiders are found. Just look at them!

The benefits of snakes and spiders

Critterpedia developers hope that withover time, the app will become a popular source of information about poisonous animals. There is even greater hope that the knowledge gained will help people protect themselves from deadly attacks. According to the World Health Organization, about 5.8 million people are attacked by snakes every year and 200 of them die. And all because people do not immediately realize their danger and medical assistance is too late. And the whole world already has effective antidotes - I wrote about one of them in this article.

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On top of all this, the developers believe inthat the application will improve the relationship between people and nature. At the moment, people in Australia and other countries are afraid of poisonous creatures, but the service can reduce fear and help people start treating animals with understanding. After all, the purpose of life for these spiders and snakes is not to bite as many people as possible. In fact, they provide us with tremendous benefits by eliminating pests and helping to create cures for a wide variety of diseases.