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How to clear the air from coronavirus and what devices can do it

Now that the situation with the infection in general andCOVID-19 in particular remains very unclear, people rightly began to think about what they breathe and whether it is safe. Of course, you can walk in a tight mask and this will also be relatively safe, but is it really that nice? Even if you are not worried about the coronavirus, for example, at home, you still need clean air around you. For this, special cleaners have long been invented. But they are either very expensive or have extremely low efficiency. Modern technologies make it possible to make systems that will be effective and will cost not a few thousand dollars, as before, but approximately like a smartphone. What are these technologies that allow you to purify the air with such high efficiency and are they safe?

Plasma cleaning of air is possible.


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  • 3 Using catalysis for air purification
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  • 6 How effective is air purification with plasma

How to clean indoor air

Air purification methods that can be calledtraditional, several. These include air purification by passing through filters. These, for example, are used in standard vehicle ventilation systems. This also includes masks and respirators that you can breathe through. It's simple, fast and inexpensive. But the effectiveness of this cleaning method leaves much to be desired. Large particles are trapped, but viruses and odors can easily pass through filters.

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There are ozonation systems, cleaning efficiencywhich is slightly higher in some indicators, but still does not reach values ​​close to one hundred percent. Also worth remembering is ultraviolet sterilization. It is good for streaming, although it cannot completely kill bacteria on its own. For example, ultraviolet "processed" escalator handrails in the subwaywhen they pass from below.

The main advantage of UV cleaning is its lowprice, and the main disadvantage is that such cleaning cannot be carried out in a room where people are. In addition, viruses and bacteria are affected only where the rays fall. And then, some of them are not completely destroyed by ultraviolet light - over time, they return their strength. Despite this, when the coronavirus began to actively march around the world in the spring, ultraviolet lamps literally disappeared from store shelves. It's cheap and not very effective, but better than nothing will do.

This is how a good air purifier should look from the inside.

In the process of exposure to high-energyplasma particles on bacteria and protein structures of the virus, the membrane envelope is destroyed, as well as their inactivation. Inactivation is not a complete destruction of the virus, but a change in the chemical and genetic makeup.

Using catalysis for air purification

All this happens in the first stage of cleaning, butthere is also a second step. It further purifies the air from active ozone, formaldehydes, aldehydes, benzenes and other impurities. Even the smell of tobacco smoke or hookah is completely removed. For this, what is called cold catalysis (a reaction based on a catalyst - titanium dioxide) is used. As we remember from school chemistry course, this is a type of reaction that takes place in the presence of a catalyst, but the catalyst itself does not participate in it.

Stage-by-stage air purification.

It should be noted that catalysis in its devices uses only INTECH Technologies... Others have cold plasma technologymanufacturers, but in itself it is not so useful and sometimes even harmful. All due to the formation of active radicals, ozone and hydrogen peroxide, for the decomposition of which catalysts are used.

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It is the use of low-temperature plasma andcatalysis allows INTECH devices to work for years without losing their efficiency and without requiring replacement of internal components. At the same time, they are completely safe for humans.

Low-temperature plasma technology allowseffectively fight against unpleasant odors, harmful chemical compounds and cigarette smoke products in the air. It also removes mold, mildew and allergens found in every home.

With each new step, the air should only become cleaner.

As a result of air cleaning with devices withBy using such technologies, the efficiency of neutralizing formaldehydes is more than 80% (in other devices less than 60%), benzenes - more than 60% (in other devices less than 45%), the sterilization level reaches 99.9%, which is also higher than most other devices. At the same time, the ozone concentration is at least 2 times lower than that of other air purifiers.

Air purification devices that are usedthe technologies described above do not have to be the size of a truck and only stand in factories. They can be installed not just at home, but even on your desktop or in your car. You can even take them with you on a trip - they are so small.

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Plazmabox HC-03 Review

The manufacturer of such systems is INTECH. There are several cleaning devices in its range to suit different use cases to suit any occasion.

Such a device can be placed on any table.

There is even a device that can be used in a car (Plazmabox HC-03). It has a very compact size that is comparable to a regular smartphone. You can place such a device on the front panel, rear shelf or other places in the car. If you don't have a car, you can put it on your desk to create your own microclimate in the office, or even take it with you on a trip. In some countries this will be especially true.

In the car, this gadget will also find its use.

Even on the back shelf.

There is only one button on the body, which turns on andturns off the device. It has a built-in battery for wireless operation and charges via the microUSB cable that is included in the package. There is also an LED indicator for displaying the charge status. It glows during operation.

With a small size, the device is quite effective.

INTECH Air Review

Despite its compact size, Plazmabox HC-03uses all the technologies described above: low-temperature plasma, nanoceramic dielectric coating for more efficient operation, and the same catalytic component made of titanium dioxide. However, it is intended for small rooms or for individual use. If you need to clean a large room, then the INTECH Air model has been created, which is available in three versions:

  • H-407 - for rooms up to 45 square meters
  • H-607 - for rooms up to 70 square meters
  • H-1207 - for rooms up to 140 square meters

This device is intended for installationat home, office, school, hospital, sales area or other large area. For more efficient cleaning INTECH Air has additional systems besides those described above. These include: pre-filter, three-zone electrostatic unit, LED UV lamp and photocatalytic mesh.

This device is floor standing, and for morewheels are provided for convenient movement. The appearance of the device is made so as not to attract attention to itself, but at the same time it looks very stylish. White color, beveled edges and touch control panel only complement this look.

On the panel, you can configure everything and get all the information you need.

You can customize everything on the touch panel thatneeds including UV treatment, timer, smart mode and more. There is even a display that shows indoor temperature and humidity. Such a device will be simply irreplaceable in an office or any other place where people gather in our difficult time from the point of view of a pandemic.

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How effective is air purification with plasma?

To finally dot the "i" inthe question of the effectiveness of the device, it is enough to share one more figure. The size of inactivated particles by INTECH Air devices is 0.001 µm. For comparison, the particle size captured by HEPA filters is 300 times larger, and the size of the COVID-19 virus is 100 times larger... That is, INTECH Air is able to effectively fight the infection that is now walking around the world.

Such devices can create a pleasant microclimate on one separate table.

As you can see, the fight against viruses, bacteria andchemical air pollution reaches a new level. Of course, this is not all that there is in the INTECH range. For example, there are also special frames, passing through which, a person is treated with a special substance that does not leave traces. In addition, the frame can measure the temperature of a person passing by in real time to prevent a sick person from visiting other people. And if this is not enough, it can still be equipped with a metal detector. This functionality will be simply irreplaceable in shopping malls, schools and other institutions.

For large rooms, it is better to put such a frame at the entrance.

Just protect yourself with various meansit is possible, but air is our main "fuel". He gives life, but he can also harm it. To prevent this from happening, he must be clean. Therefore, it is better to take care of this in advance.

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