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How should you live in order not to suffer from depression?

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 264 million people with depression... This mental disorder has the mostwomen are susceptible, but in men it is also common. The exact cause of depression is difficult to name, because each patient has its own. But scientists are sure that in most cases, mental disorder arises from some kind of "wrong" lifestyle. Scientists from Australia tried to figure out how to live so that a person is not worried about depression. To do this, they conducted a large-scale survey in which the volunteers told what kind of life they lead. It turned out that the secret of a mentally healthy life was not so difficult - perhaps you already know the answer yourself.

Smartphone addiction increases depression

Depression research

The secret of a life without depression was revealed inscientific journal BMC Medicine. To carry out scientific work, Australian scientists gathered a group of volunteers from 85 thousand people. The researchers were interested in people between the ages of 37 and 73. The main responsibility of the project participants was to regularly visit the centers biobank UK and the transfer of health data. It is important to note that they had to talk not only about the physical state, but also the mental one. In addition, some of them also completed questionnaires, participated in conversations with doctors and underwent medical examinations.

Biobank Is a repository of human biological samples, including organs, tissue, blood and DNA samples.

The conditions of scientific work also included the fact thatit did not include people with overt mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. But within its framework, scientists studied the lifestyle of people with current or past depression. There were also perfectly healthy people - they played the role of a control group. Both groups of people came to specialized centers and underwent a survey, in which they indicated the degree of importance of the following lifestyle elements:

  • diet and diet;
  • the quality and duration of sleep;
  • level of physical activity;
  • time spent behind screens of electronic devices;
  • the number of cigarettes smoked per day;
  • frequency of drinking alcoholic beverages.

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Depression prevention

It turns out that lifestyle choices can actually affect your risk of depression. The most important thing that scientists have learned is that sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day and reducing the time spent in front of electronic devices are very beneficial... By getting enough sleep and less time in front of screens, healthy people can protect themselves from depression. And already depressed people can ease the symptoms of a mental disorder.

Good sleep is important to protect against depression

Eating a healthy diet can protect against depressiononly healthy people. And if a person with depression tries to treat his condition only by changing his diet, he is unlikely to succeed. But this does not mean at all that people can completely forget about healthy food. At the end of 2019, I talked about a study in which it was proven that unhealthy diet contributes to the development of depression. So if proper nutrition cannot cure a person of depression, then at least it will not make the situation worse.

Looks delicious, but such food cannot be called healthy

Scientists have also found that depressed peopleworse when smoking cigarettes. But when drinking alcohol, people's depression decreases, but in the end, the negative effects are still greater. On our site there is already material about what will become of a person if he drinks alcohol every day. In it, the author of Daria Eletskaya spoke in detail about all stages of the development of alcoholism and why a person gets drunk.

Contrary to research findings, alcohol can only worsen depression

To the surprise of researchers, scientific workhas shown that sports do not help to overcome depression. This result seemed very strange to them, because numerous studies have already proven the effectiveness of physical activity against stress and depression. Most likely, the result is incorrect - some volunteers could have given deliberately false data about their activity in order to look better in other people's eyes.

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According to one of the authors of the scientific workJerome Sarris, they were the first to assess the impact of so many lifestyle elements on the risk of depression. If you're wondering how doctors diagnose this psychological disorder, I recommend reading this resource.