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How to learn how to work with PDF professionally

The PDF format has long been one of the most versatile for document exchange. You can write a scientific work even in the "Notepad", but in the future you may still be asked to translate it into the format PDF... Why? First, PDFs open almost everywhere, and often do not require additional software. Unlike the same Word, the document in PDF is almost impossible to damage, and when you open it, an incomprehensibleerror of strange characters. However, while everything is still clear with PDF viewing (both on Windows and on Mac, this can be done with built-in tools), but editing and creating such files is not easy. This is where dedicated PDF editing solutions come in handy.

It's not for nothing that PDF is still one of the most popular formats for exchanging documents, because it is ergonomic and easy to use.

Someone uses free apps withstripped down functionality, others prefer to download the "broken" Adobe Reader. We have always advocated the use of licensed software, but we are well aware that the cost of an Adobe subscription may be too high for many. Fortunately, there are solutions that are more affordable, which at the same time have most of the same functions - like the PDFelement 7 application.

PDFelement 7 allows you to edit both text and images

How to edit PDF

For example, you have written a serious scientific work andwant to send it to the conference. Or just publish it on the web. Typically, organizations provide a choice between several download formats, but if you want the document to open 100% on any device, it is better choose PDF format.

Let's say we are talking about a patented technology and all documents need to be watermarked, this can be done with PDFelement.

Downloaded a watermark and added it to all pages at once

Or another case - converting images... Often you have to work with paperversions of documents, and it does not matter in what area, be it consulting, healthcare or construction (especially construction). Sooner or later, all this has to be digitized; nevertheless, it is much more convenient to keep the archive this way. This application has an optical character recognition (OCR) function - it recognizes text (using OCR) and converts the document to PDF. As a result, we have fully digitized documents, which are not only easier to work with, but also you can make various edits. It also provides the ability to edit images and graphs in your PDFs.

Select in the settings "Optical Character Recognition"

OCR time depends on the size of the document

How to combine multiple PDFs

Many probably faced the needcombine multiple PDFs into one large PDF. For example, if you scan a contract one sheet at a time, when finished, you can upload all the files to the application and concentrate them into a single document. In PDFelement 7, go to the settings, drag and drop the files to combine - profit!

Combine PDF or install batch protection - everything can be done in one click

The app also provides advancedfunctions for editing PDF. Among them are editing, creation, transformation, annotation, password protection and document signing. It has a convenient and easy-to-use interface, and Microsoft Word users will feel right at home in general. Some tasks can even be done on an iOS or Android device, for which a free version of PDFelement is available.

Edit PDF text just like in Word

Leave a note for yourself and come back to it later

With such a tool at hand, you canwork with this format as with the same .doc or .docx. The app itself is available in two versions: trial and paid. To get acquainted with the basic functionality and interface of the application, it is recommended to first download the trial version from the Mac App Store (at the link below), and if you like everything, purchase the full one. In the latter case, a flexible subscription system is provided (you can choose with the functions you need) for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Or buy the unlimited version altogether.

Download PDFelement 7