How heating is changing the world: from IQOS to aerospace technology

People use heating in almost allspheres of life. Every day we boil water in a kettle for a cup of morning coffee or tea. However, in the modern world, heating and temperature control are used not only in everyday life, but also when creating new materials and various devices. Explain how heating and temperature control make our lives more comfortable and technologically advanced.

Why do you need heating from the inside?

Heating from the inside is found in our livesmuch more often than we think. Even in situations where we do not notice it at all: in the temperature of our planet. There are opinions that every day the Earth warms up only due to solar radiation, but this is not the case. Our planet receives the main heat from within, using its own energy contained in the core.

Let's take another example. Let's imagine that you are very cold outside. When you arrive home, you put on a sweater and wool socks, wrap yourself in a blanket, or take a bath to warm up as quickly as possible. However, you will feel warmth much faster if your body warms up from the inside rather than the outside - for example, by drinking a cup of hot milk or tea.

Temperature control using the example of modern household appliances

Another good example is temperature control in various household appliances that we use every day.

By the way, temperature control in hair dryersIt is used to protect hair during drying and maintain its natural shine, because too hot air can damage hair and make it dull. Therefore, the air in modern devices is heated only to a strictly defined, not too high temperature.

The temperature control in the vacuum cleaner is designed toextending the life of the device and protecting it from overheating. So, smart electronics independently turns off the device when the temperature rises significantly or if large debris gets into the vacuum cleaner tube and blocks the suction.

Another device in which it is very importantconstant temperature control is an electric kettle with water heating function for different types of tea. Its program contains information about the temperatures required for the preparation of various drinks. By choosing a mode for preparing black, green or white tea, you can get the ideal water temperature, which will allow you to fully reveal the taste of a particular variety. In some teapots, two special heating elements of different power are used at once: one heats or boils water, and the other then maintains the temperature for a given time.

Optimum temperature and heating playa key role in the operation of the toaster. Different temperature settings allow you to make toasts for every taste: from slightly warmed up bread to a piece with a crispy golden crust. Controlling the temperature in your toaster is critical, as even a few degrees of difference can turn perfect toast into a piece of burnt bread.

Heating in Science: From Smart Glass to Aerospace Technology

Scientists and engineers from various fields useheating to create innovative heavy-duty materials. For example, regular glass is tempered to make it much stronger. For this, the material is heated and then sharply cooled. This type of glass is used in the manufacture of displays for smartphones, dishes and showers.

Through heating, scientists were able to developanother durable material is sitall. It is glass with a lot of nanocrystals. Temperature plays a key role in its creation: nanocrystals are formed precisely during heating. Sitall can be used to make smartphone displays more durable, to create complex heat-resistant devices, as well as missile casings or skyscrapers and TV towers.

Temperature control allows scientists to createultra-strong carbon materials used in the aerospace industry. For example, both the lead of a pencil and a diamond are also carbon. Many different materials can be made from carbon if temperature and pressure are controlled during production. It is the temperature that determines what material will be the result: a lead for a simple pencil or an artificial diamond.

Temperature control and heating from the inside in IQOS (Aykos): the principle of the device

Philip Morris International (PMI)turned to temperature control technologies when she started developing the innovative IQOS tobacco heating system (Aikos). The main difference between IQOS is the HeatControl ™ technology, developed in Switzerland, which heats the tobacco, not burning it. Indeed, it is in the process of burning tobacco that the bulk of substances harmful and potentially harmful to the body are released.

To develop and research your smokelessproducts, including IQOS, PMI has established an innovative R&D center in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. More than 400 scientists and engineers of various specialties are working to create and study reduced risk products. In the course of research, PMI scientists found that when using IQOS, 95% less harmful substances are emitted compared to cigarettes *.

Important: This does not mean a 95% risk reduction. Using IQOS does not eliminate health risks.
*“95% fewer hazardous substances” refers to the average reduction in hazardous substances (excluding nicotine) in the IQOS aerosol compared to the smoke of the reference cigarette used in the study (3R4F).

You can find many reviews on the Internet aboutIQOS, but not everyone understands how it works. IQOS uses HeatControl ™ technology, which is designed as follows: a ceramic blade-shaped heating element heats the tobacco from the inside to a temperature not exceeding 350 ° C, while the combustion temperature of the tobacco in a cigarette is 600-900 ° C. At a temperature of 350 ° C, combustion does not occur, which means that smoke and ash do not form, there is no risk of burning clothes, upholstery in the car, furniture or burning someone. It is extremely important that the heating in IQOS occurs from the inside, and the heating element directly contacts the tobacco, not igniting it, but heating it gently. It is thanks to the heating from the inside that the rich taste and aroma of tobacco are fully revealed.

Innovative technologies allow precisemonitor the temperature while the IQOS device is operating. Traces of gold and platinum applied to the heating element together form a thermocouple and control the temperature, sending information to the smart electronics system in the holder.

Heating up in IQOS


Heating and temperature control are importantrole both in our daily life and in the process of creating the latest technologies. The optimal temperature not only allows you to keep your hair shiny and prepare the perfect breakfast, but also to create new durable materials from which you can make rockets and satellites. Heating from the inside is especially important, which has many advantages over external temperature effects.

Scientists have also turned to the principle of heating from the insidePMI company in the creation of the innovative IQOS tobacco heating system. It is thanks to the heating from the inside and the control of the temperature, when using IQOS, there is no combustion, no smoke and ash are formed, but the taste and aroma of tobacco are fully revealed. The company is constantly working to improve its products and technologies used in their development, striving to offer its adult users an alternative to smoking. IQOS has undergone extensive clinical trials and the results indicate that switching to IQOS is less harmful to health than continuing to smoke cigarettes *.

Important: does not exclude risks. Aerosol contains addictive nicotine
* Based on the totality of available data on IQOS versus continuing cigarette smoking

Does not exclude risks

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