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How we find each other with smells

For Europeans, Chanel perfumes are consideredenjoyable, while New Guineans hate this smell, but love amber of pork fat. How is it that different nations evaluate smells differently? Does the smell contain only the taste aspect, or is there something else behind it? Why do we pay attention to the smell of a partner on a first date, although we don’t even think about it before the meeting? Why should couples sleep under different blankets? You will find the answer to all these questions in this article.

Smells are a separate universe

World of smells and man

In a world where every day a person seesa lot of information, the role of smells always fades into the background. But if for us the smell is something secondary, then for animals the smell is an instrument of interaction with the world and silent alarm.

But our channel in Google News is also a great tool, but there’s no alarm from it, only positive emotions.

There is an experience in history in Kuwait1995 year. The government imported wolf urine from Sweden. What for? It was a large number of accidents from a collision of cars with camels. Imported wolf urine was processed on highways and city streets. As a result, the smell of wolf urine scared away camels, and the number of accidents decreased dramatically.

It's all about pheromones. And what are pheromones?

One zilch, and you're attractive ... or vice versa

Pheromones - the collective name of substances - products of external secretion secreted by some species of animals and providing communication between individuals of the same species.

It turns out that pheromones are a means of transmitting information, but let's figure out which one. There are several types of pheromones.

  • If you got ... the question, how to drive to that beauty at the extreme table, then sex pheromones stand out - attractants.
  • You drove up, but her boyfriend came up - the boxing champion of the region. In this case, torybones - pheromones of danger formed by fear and anxiety.
  • Walking with a dog, your pet periodically marks trees, walls, columns, etc. This is not only a canine check-in, but also a way to leave odmichnions - marks by which the animal finds its way home.
  • There is also lichnevmoni - they help disguise themselves as another species and escape from a predator. AND ethophones - in fact, calls for certain actions through the smell.

Since, giving examples, I talked about people andabout animals, I’ll say the following. We, along with marmosets, macaques, chimpanzees and gorillas, are haplorins; tobish the most important role in our lives is played by images and sound. Therefore, the role of smell is a little underestimated, but in vain. We listen to scientists:

Appetite comes with eating, but thankssense of smell. Because of this, people with a lost sense of smell almost do not feel the taste of even the most delicious food, and culinary critics in the movie forcibly first taste the aroma of the dish.

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How to prevent a decrease in sexual desire

And who will get the blanket?

Sleep under different blankets. This, of course, is not about being under different blankets, in different apartments and with different partners. Unfortunately, scientists have proved that in the case when a couple sleeps for a long time under one blanket, people get tired of certain areas of the brain associated with sexual desire due to the high concentration of sex attractants.

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Evolution and smells

Odor recognition has another evolutionary task. The smell is needed in order to "read" a set of genes of a potential partner and, thus, avoid inbreeding.

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True manifestation of love

Inbreeding - a form of homogamy, crossing closely related forms within the same population of organisms

If you really want the smell of acquaintance to play on your team, and you do not go to the bench, here's a tip for single men:

If you are not very outwardly, well, or at least think so of yourself about yourself, then look after the woman in the minimum phase receptivity. How to track this? In this phase, girls are usually especially attracted by the appearance of something: things, people. In fact, the combination of “oh, what a little thing” and “want-want” with increased receptivity will be manifested much more often. With a decrease in such symptoms, men with the most attractive appearance smell the least sexually for women. Perhaps it was in this phase that the women came up with a comical phrase that a man should look a little prettier than a monkey.

Receptivity - the ability to receive ideas through external influences

It turns out that sense of smell - this is not only a fun in gray everyday life, butand a serious tool that affects all areas of human life from eating to choosing a partner with whom you will live the rest of your life. Anyway, it’s very exciting when something that we can’t see affects our life so much. Perhaps because of this, perfumers sell their perfumes at such cosmic prices, and they chase some scents all their lives.

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