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How do special effects in the movie, and what do you need

Even those who say that cinema should havesome kind of message, and not beautiful graphics, all the same from time to time they like to see something spectacular. For example, how the avengers pile on Thanos or how the Titanic drowns. What is happening on the screen is rarely true, and often the filmmakers just slightly deceive us, but it looks interesting anyway. We are used to special effects, and now they themselves have become of such quality that they simply cannot be distinguished from reality. Even some films, like “2012”, shot many years ago, already looked super realistic. But technology does not stand still and is constantly evolving. That's just the basis of effects and tricks over the years has not changed.

They have been able to do special effects for a long time, but every year they become cooler.


  • 1 What are used to create special effects
    • 1.1 Green background for shooting movies
    • 1.2 Dolls in the movies
    • 1.3 Rear projection
  • 2 How to make a movie on a green background
  • 3 How cars explode in the cinema
  • 4 How are movie scenes voiced
  • 5 Is it difficult to make a movie? Why does it cost so much?

What they use to create special effects

The main tool of the person involvedspecial effects is the correct background. Everyone knows about the hromakey, which is pulled by the actors, so that later it can be easily replaced with any other background. Mostly bright colors are used - shades that are not present in the actors' clothing or the color of their makeup. Mostly shot on a green, blue or red background. The latter is used only for costume scenes, as human skin itself has red hues. And replacing such a background will be very difficult.

If anything, this is the head of a dragon. Then they finish it.

The background color is sometimes worn in assistants.filming that runs in the frame and helps to do something. For example, they can hold stuntman insurance or move the same “chromakey" boxes if the hero jumps on the rocks. The editor will then bring everything together and the picture will look very realistic, and the extra people in the frame will simply be invisible.

Why is everyone watching the 2011 Infection movie?

Sometimes, on the contrary, they should be in the frame, but notentirely. For example, they shot some of the characters in the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. They were dressed so that it was easier to process later. Marks on their costumes are also commonplace to make it easier to track the movement of characters and make the graphics voluminous.

These two will later become characters.

Dolls in the cinema

Widely used in movies and dolls. They can be full-sized, large-scale or not complete at all. For example, in the movie “The Jungle Book” Mowgli hugged Bagheera, but it was only her head, which was then finished.

So far, only a head, then it will become a full-fledged scene.

Everyone remembers how in the second part of the TerminatorThe T-1000 rocked against the background of molten metal when it exploded in an explosion. A silicone doll was used in this scene, which was partially motorized. If you look closely, the actor’s face is guessed very conditionally.

Everyone remembers this scene.

Jason Cameron, who filmed the Terminatorgenerally did not really like animation and graphics, which at that time was already in its infancy, but preferred in-kind shooting. In addition, the budget of the first part of the legendary film was so small that there was simply no money for the schedule and had to get out.

For example, during a scene of a truck explosion in the framesmashed the layout on a scale that was made from improvised means. He drove into the frame on a cable. And in the scene where the terminator was crushed by the press and his hand was moving, it was assembled from scrap metal with the simplest drives. Many even argue that the decision to shoot the scene was made that way literally on the set and it was not in the script. Only lightnings were drawn in that scene.

Later, Cameron often tried to avoid graphics,when it was possible. For example, in the film “True Falsehood”, the scene on the bridge when it was blown up by rockets fired from a fighter was completely shot in reality. To do this, a bridge model was built on the shore of the bay and, walking up to the waist in the water, the film crew drove the stage. Even the explosion of the truck during the fall was not “drawn."

This bridge was not blown up for real.

Rear projection

When shooting in a “moving” car, oftenit is the rear projection that is used when a city or suburban highway flashes in advance against the background. The machine itself is swinging assistants or a special vibration stand. In order to prevent flicker, the projector is synchronized with the camera.

How old films are painted and how much it costs.

A big lover of realism is ChristopherNolan He even shot Interstellar without graphics. Everything was built in the form of layouts, including flat walking robots. “Dorisovki” can be counted on the fingers. For example, at the end, when the main character flew between endless bookshelves. For this shoot, a huge decoration was built several stories high, and on the computer they simply visually extended the picture to infinity.

This scene was shot in real scenery.

How to make a movie on a green background

Now chromakey or as it is also called"Green" has become the norm. Even novice bloggers use it. All due to the fact that the power of computers is enough for normal processing, and the background itself costs only a couple of thousand rubles.

For processing, the picture is passed throughvideo editor and he himself, using the built-in algorithm, makes the given background transparent. Then it all depends on how much quality you need to make the finished result.

A static background with minimalprocessing, and the Hollywood editor needs to achieve maximum immersion. Therefore, he will use dozens, if not hundreds of filters, and the substrate will either be removed separately and processed, or completely drawn on the computer by another specialist.

So shot some scenes in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”

In real life, cars don't explode like that.

Something like that and blow up cars in the cinema. For example, in the series “The Brigade” at the end, a Mercedes was actually blown up, in which Sasha Bely allegedly rode. In reality, he was supposed to explode and fall beautifully from the bridge, but he just jumped up and froze on the roadway. To blow up the second Mercedes was not on a budget and decided to get along with another car that was set on fire and pushed into the river. As a result, it was almost imperceptible in gluing this, if you did not know where to look.

So often do. And to save money, often decommissioned cars that don't even have an engine are blown up. They are simply brought back to normal and can be removed. Considering how filmmakers like to blow up cars, you have to somehow get out, otherwise it will be very expensive.

The new development will change the movie of the future! And this is not VR.

It is worth noting that in real life, cars do notexplode like in a movie. It's just that a cloud of dust that will fly out from under the body will not look beautiful in a movie. Therefore, pyrotechnics use gasoline and other combustible substances to make everything more spectacular.

How are movie scenes voiced

Sound is a separate topic inmovie. It is the sound that can create the mood, and that is why so much attention is paid to it. For example, try to watch a salute or a shot from a gun without a sound. Not that, huh? Well, here's the movie like that.

Music (along with the colors of the picture) creates a commonthe mood of the scene, causing the viewer to relax or be in suspense. Sounds give an idea of ​​what is happening, and volume makes you literally immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen. The larger the sound and the wider its sources are physically separated, the better the immersion effect.

Voice acting is very complicated.

Dialogues in the movie is a separate issue. Often even in their native language they are recorded separately. If we are talking about dubbing, then a person who is a bit similar in appearance to an actor is selected. It's no secret that the voice often matches the appearance and this approach is as logical as possible.

In the German version of the terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger voiced by another actor. Arnie himself is an Austrian and knows German very welllanguage, but it has a too rustic accent. It would be illogical for a future killer machine to speak like a farmer. In English, this accent is not heard, but the Germans would have definitely recognized it.

During the recording of the sound, the speaker almostacting out the whole scene, standing in front of the microphone. This is the only way to recreate emotions. And he needs to monitor the diet, as some foods lead to increased salivation and, as a result, clicks will be heard on the recording.

They create a lot of noise.

Literally everything is used to voice eventscontract. Sticks, bags, bottles, pillows, buckets, nails and so on. Skimmers look at the scene and think about how to recreate the sounds in it. For example, a fall of something or a blow. After that, they experiment with their inventory and look for this sound. When the result suits everyone, it is recorded.

This process only seems easy. In fact, finding the right sounds is no easier than preparing the scene for shooting, and the voice acting itself is no less important than the picture.

Is it difficult to make a movie? Why does it cost so much?

When they say that to shoot a new moviespent $ 200 million, it just seems like a big sum. Firstly, a huge part of it is the fees of actors who can receive millions of dollars. Secondly, do not forget that hundreds of people are working on the film, using expensive equipment and highly qualified specialists. In addition, there are still rights to the script that need to be redeemed, and a franchise if the filming is not done by its owner.

Video without special effects: A meteorite fell again in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The whole film is as a whole, created bybit by bit. I participated in the filming for various television shows. Even there, for a few minutes to plot, it may take several days of preparation and the purchase of expensive equipment. Filming is much more difficult.

Such films are very expensive, but they pay off.

Sometimes you need to send the whole crew toNew Zealand for a couple of months. In other cases, it is necessary to agree with the military to give a military plane for filming. In other cases, it is necessary to build a model of the White House so that it can explode or block the federal highway. There are many difficulties, but this process is very interesting and painstaking. Who has the patience, he will create a masterpiece. And money is nonsense. A good film, even if it costs hundreds of millions of dollars, will bring much more and still pay off. The box office of some films exceeds one billion dollars.