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What does the strongest animal look like and where does it live?

Some people are sure that the strongest inIn the world, elephants are animals, because they can hold hundreds of kilograms on their backs. But when scientists talk about the strength of an animal, they are not interested in the actual weight they can lift. They pay attention to the weight that the animal can lift in relation to its own weight. Elephants can hold up to 25% of their own weight on their backs. But ants are capable of lifting loads 30 times their mass - so are they the most powerful animals in the world? Scientists are sure not, because dung beetles (Onthophagus taurus) are able to carry a load of weight 1141 times their own body mass... To find out, scientists have conducted a very unusual and to some extent even a child's experiment.

Would you think that the most powerful animals in the world look like this?

Dung beetle

An unexpected fact from the animal kingdom waspublished in the scientific journal Science. Scientists have guessed for a long time that the dung beetles of the species Onthophagus taurus are very strong. But to test how strong they are, they had to conduct a scientific experiment. They glued a strong thread to the beetle's wings and threw it over the crossbar. To the opposite end of the thread, they tied a bucket, to which water was poured drop by drop. It turned out that they are able to lift a bucket with a mass of 1141 times their own weight. It's about the same if a person could lift a truck with a trailer.

The dung beetles themselves are very small

Imagine that a person weighing 80 kilograms lifts a 90-ton truck!

What is the reason for their amazing power, scientistsunknown. But they are actively studying the insect and at the moment it is known that, on average, their length is about 1 centimeter. Dung beetles, as the name implies, feed on manure. Males differ from females in that they have large horns on their heads. They are used by them during battles for the attention of females. Due to the presence of appendages on the head, these beetles are also called "bicornoids". Females are notable for the fact that before laying eggs, they bring manure into the hole, which is necessary for feeding the larvae. So, not only adults, but also larvae feed on manure.

Dung beetle head

Dung beetles can be found in manycorners of our planet. There are reports that they live even on the territory of Russia, namely in the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea. And it is great that they are, because thanks to these beetles, the fertility of the soil increases. Also, these insects love to eat, so flies, which also do not mind eating manure, have less food left. And no one was particularly happy with a large number of flies. It is believed that the greater the number of dung beetles, the less flies fly. But these two-winged creatures are carriers of many infectious diseases.

Rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes nasicornis)

So the dung beetle is the strongestanimals in the world. But do not underestimate the physical strength of other living creatures. Take, for example, the same elephants. In the Guinness Book of Records, the heaviest elephant in the world has a mass of more than 12 tons, and its height reaches 3 meters. With the help of their trunk, elephants are able to understand objects weighing up to 275 kilograms. And this skill helps them a lot in life, because females sometimes have to pick up their 100-kg cubs and carry them to another place. If the weight of the load is about 1 ton, the elephants may not lift them, but drag them along. In general, they are real strongmen.

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