What GTA and other games would look like in real life (video)

Fans of the GTA series of computer games had the opportunity to enjoy the creation of a Japanese blogger from the KOMAZAWA ISOLATION channel, who brought the action of their favorite game to the real streets of Tokyo.

In the video presented, the blogger and his comradescreated a spectacular parody of the gameplay in GTA. Real people imitate the actions of computer characters, repeating their characteristic movements. The action takes place on the streets of the Japanese capital that were deserted during the pandemic.
The enthusiast applied animation to the real videocards and final titles for failures or successful completion of missions. Also, the game is accompanied by music that is firmly associated with the gameplay.

In addition to GTA, the blogger parodies the games Yakuza and MetalGear Solid. A similar work on transferring the gameplay to real life was done last year by Russian Vladislav Chekunov, who "revived" Need for Speed ​​and introduced elements of the Underground interface and the sounds of the game's music into the video.