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What kind of music do animals like?

Humanity invented music thousands of years ago. Scientists are sure that the idea of ​​humming various tunes came to mind the first settlers of Africa. Since then, music accompanies us everywhere - many put invigorating songs on the alarm clock, that is, every day begins with music. But did you know that fans of various genres of music are also full in the animal world? Cows love classics, parrots really like sunny reggae, but sharks are ardent fans of heavy metal. All this, at least, is evidenced by scientific studies that have been and are still being carried out by groups of scientists from all over the world. I propose to consider the results of several of these studies and find out - with which animals you could have a party?

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Interesting fact: In the Great Russian Encyclopedia, the word "music" is defined as "the art of sounds, organized mainly in height and time."


  • 1 Music for Cows
  • 2 Cat Music
  • 3 Music for dogs
  • 4 Parrot Music
  • 5 Shark Music

Music for the Cows

If you have ever visited groups with"Interesting facts," you probably read that listening to classical music helps cows give more milk. This became known after a study conducted by scientists from the University of Leicester (England) in 2001. For 9 weeks, the authors of the scientific work included music at a farm at a different pace. As it turned out, calm compositions like Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony and REM's Everybody Hurts daily help cows give 0.73 liters more milk.

Conclusion: cows love songs from the REM band, Beethoven's symphonies, and Simon & Garfunkel. But they don’t like the Jamiroquai and Wonderstuff bands

Cat Music

If you turn your favorite music to the fullvolume, your cat or cat will not care. You might think that calm melodies and hard rock do not act on them at all - they just need to eat and sleep soundly. However, scientists from the University of Lisbon (Portugal), once found out that cats still react to music. They conducted an experiment with 12 cats that were preparing for sterilization. Scientists included soft music like Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber and the hellish AC / DC Thunderstruck. The calm composition calmed the animals, but when listening to the pioneers of heavy metal, they were stressed.

Conclusion: cats try to seem indifferent to the music, but they may well like the works of American composer Samuel Barber and the song of the singer Natalie Imbrulia

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Music for dogs

But dogs react to music more openly,but overall, their tastes are almost the same as cats. In 2011, researchers from the US state of Colorado studied the reaction of 117 dogs to various musical compositions. When calm music sounded from the speakers, the animals relaxed and even fell asleep. And when the heavy metal was turned on, the dogs were clearly very anxious - their bodies even trembled slightly. Unfortunately, the researchers did not share the names of the included compositions, but the dogs' love for calm music has been proven ..

Conclusion: dogs prefer melodic music, so we can assume that they will also like Beethoven's symphonies. It may also be that they like ambient

Music for Parrots

You probably came across a video where parrotsshaking their heads to energetic music. The fact that they have a musical ear is not surprising - these creatures can even repeat human words! In 2012, researchers from the University of Lincoln (UK) decided to identify the musical sounds of the Jaco parrots. As it turned out, these feathered clever people are not averse to dancing and even singing to various rock groups and reggae music. They also like classical music - under it, the birds enthusiastically cleaned their feathers.

Conclusion: parrots may like the songs of the rock band U2, as well as reggae - the UB40 team makes good music. But electronic music without words, for some reason, provokes stress in parrots

Shark Music

Well, those who surprised scientists are sharks. During the filming of the documentary, Discovery employees wanted to attract the attention of a white shark nicknamed Joan of Shark. Since these predatory fish perceive low-frequency sounds best, it was decided to apply it to the sound of heavy music in the style of death-metal. The film crew never reached the right white shark, but two smaller ones sailed to the sounds of electric guitars. The interest of sharks in heavy metal has been proven by scientists more than once, so sharks are the real "bad guys" of the underwater world.

Conclusion: sharks would love to go to concerts of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Carcass. They are also not averse to listening to AC / DC.

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