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How tall was the tallest man in the world?

The tallest man in history is considered Robert Wadlow of Michigan,USA. He lived in the middle of the last century and by the age of 9 he could take his father in his arms (!)! And a year later, Wadlow's height exceeded 2 meters, and his weight approached 100 kg. And this was far from the limit: the tallest man in the world grew constantly, until his death. Robert had to make clothes and shoes only to order, since no one had ever had such sizes. What was its maximum growth, and most importantly, what is the reason for such an anomaly in development?

Robert Wadlow could reach the roof of a one-story house with his hand

Tallest man

The tallest man in the world Robert Wadlow, had growth 272 centimeters... The value was officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

He was born on February 22, 1918 with the usualindicators of height and weight - 51 centimeters and 3.9 kilograms, respectively. However, doctors suspected something was wrong six months after the birth of Robert: he already weighed 13 kg, although the average child at his age should weigh half as much. Despite the fact that Wadlow was not obese.

When Wadlow was 7 years old, he was already wearing clothes, designed for 17 year olds adolescents. And by the age of 8 he had already reached a height of 187 centimeters and a weight of 90 kg. His foot size increased to 37, so he had to buy shoes for young men.

Robert Wadlow at age 7 (right)

At the end of high school, his height was 254 centimeters... And that was not the limit.

For many it was surprising, because the familyRoberta was no different from the others. His father was of average height (180 centimeters), his mother was also not very tall. In addition, he was the fifth child in the family, and before that, none of them had been diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

At 18, Wadlow went to law college -he tried to live like everyone else, but because of his peculiarity, he was not very successful. His unique physical parameters eventually led him to the Ringling Brothers Circus, where he was nicknamed the "Olton Giant" after the city where Robert was born. There he was able to earn a substantial amount of money, after which he became the official representative of the International Shoe Company. During his tenure, he traveled to about 800 cities in 41 US states. Wadlow became famous throughout the country.

Wadlow's foot measured 50 centimeters. Such shoes are simply not produced.

Those who knew him very well described Robert as a person with a very pleasant character and a peaceful disposition. For his good manners, politeness and constant calm, he was even called "Kind giant"... However, most of the life of the tallest man in the world was very difficult.

Until he became famous, parentsWadlow had to pay for expensive tailoring of clothes and shoes on his own. In addition, due to his physiological characteristics, Robert ate a lot, he needed a huge amount of calories every day to stay in shape. There were also many health problems: the unusual physiology put a heavy load on the heart and influenced blood circulation, and the large weight and height put a strong load on the limbs.

Robert Wadlow with his family a year before his death. In the photo he is 21 years old

As a result, at the age of 18, Wadlow needed a cane,to get around, and by the age of 20 he could not do without a crutch. It so happened that it was because of the crutch that Robert died: the crutch severely rubbed his leg, a blister formed, which led to the formation of infection and sepsis. Doctors tried to save him with a blood transfusion, as well as with the help of an operation on the leg, but due to the level of the then medicine, this could not be done. Robert Wadlow, tallest man in history, died at only 22 years old... His height by this time was 272 centimeters, and his weight was almost 200 kg.

Fun fact: Wadlow's relatives asked pour concrete over the giant's gravebecause they were afraid that the corpse of the biggest man would be hunted.

The monument at the tomb of the tallest man also dominates the rest of the Oakwood Cemetery in Manistee, Michigan.

Grave of Robert Wadlow

Why are some people very tall?

The phenomenon of Robert Wadlow's tall stature is attributed to dysfunction pituitary gland, due to which his body began to produce excessive doses of growth hormone. Related to this is growth the tallest man in the world at the moment - Sultan Kesen from Turkey. True, he did not manage to grow up to Wadlow, his height is 251 centimeters.

Sultan Kessen is now the tallest man in the world

Modern scientists have also discovered the influence of the gene FOXO3 on the physiological characteristics of people and animals. This gene has many roles, it promotes the activation of stem cells, controls the mechanisms of cell death, and alters the effectiveness of insulin and insulin-like growth factors. Therefore, a change in the FOXO3 gene could contribute to a hypothetical relationship between longevity, growth, and calorie intake by channeling more or less energy into the growing body.

In most cases, if there are no abnormalities, a person's height should decrease with age.

Why do tall people live less?

The tallest man in Europe, 2.34 metersformer basketball player, actor Neil Fingleton, who played roles in Game of Thrones, X-Men and The Avengers, died 3 years ago at the age of 36. Wadlow passed away at 22. Of the 10 tallest people, only one lived to be 56 years old. What is the reason for this?

There is indeed a tendency among peoplea decline in the quality of life along with an increase in growth. For example, taller women are more likely to suffer from cancer in old age. In a study of civil servants in Whitehall, altitude was noted as being associated with cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease, followed by death.

Scientists believe that the human body is simply not ready for such loads... Roughly speaking, it is designed forthe average weight and height, and any deviation from these indicators upwards lead to negative consequences - a load on the heart, other organs and limbs. Therefore, tall people tend to live shorter lives.