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What features appeared in the updated macOS Ventura (6 photos)

Apple has released new updatesmacOS operating system called Ventura. The new version will bring more multitasking capabilities, support for using the iPhone as a webcam, new features in Safari, and more.

The developers have added a new one to macOS Venturathe Continuity Camera feature, which makes it possible to use iPhone as a webcam on a Mac computer. When using a smartphone as a camera for a computer, various modes are supported, including the simultaneous broadcast of the user's face and what is happening on the table, as well as the ability to use filters and background blur options.

Handoff mode is now available in FaceTime.This allows users to easily move FaceTime calls between different Apple devices. For example, a call started on an iPhone or iPad can be continued without interruption on a Mac if necessary, or vice versa.

macOS Ventura also supports theStage Manager to enhance your multitasking experience by conveniently arranging running applications and open windows. When using this mode, the active window is located in the central part of the workspace, and other open windows are grouped on the left. This innovation will probably be most useful on Apple computers with a small screen.

The Safari browser now supports the functionPasskeys, due to which for authorization on sites you can use not credentials, but Face ID or Touch ID. The browser allows you to create groups of tabs and share them with other users if the need arises.

The iMessage app now allowsedit and delete sent messages, as well as mark them as unread. The Mail app has a feature to undo recently sent messages.

In iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16, developers have integrated iCloud Photo Library so that up to six people can create a shared collection of their own photos. A similar feature is available in macOS Ventura.

You can see the full list of macOS Ventura innovations on the official Apple website. The update itself will soon be available to users of all compatible devices.