What will be the iPhone 14: all the leaks before the presentation

Table of Contents

  • iPhone 14 in Russia
  • How is Apple doing
  • iPhone 14 leaks</ p>
    • New iPhone 14 max
    • Prices
    • Design: new holes and
      titanium frames
  • Features and Hardware</ p>
    • Always-on screen
    • Satellite connection
    • Chipset and Memory
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Rumor about eSIM
  • Subscribing to Apple
  • Conclusion

iPhone 14 in Russia

It remains exactly a week before the presentation of the new iPhone. So it's time for our traditional article on collecting leaks.

By the way, I want to remind you that now is the best timeto buy 13 iPhones. Smartphones have never been so cheap. So, on Yandex.Market, the iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB is sold for a ridiculous 77 thousand rubles. However, it is even more profitable to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Prices for a smartphone on Avito in the 12/256 GB configuration start at 64 thousand rubles. I fundamentally don't want to buy this generation of Galaxy due to overheating and power efficiency issues. But with such prices every day it is more and more difficult to restrain. Oh, maybe you'll get lucky and a pleasant course will last until the launch of S23.

Serovozes actively use the strong ruble and carry smartphones from the USA and Asian countries. The extra charge, by the way, is quite modest: about 10 thousand for a smartphone and 20 thousand for a laptop.

Avito even opened a pre-order for the iPhone 14, promising that they would bring the smartphone the next day after the start of sales. And the prices were quite adequate: at the level of current iPhones.

I wanted to insert an example ad as an illustration. But all ads have disappeared somewhere. Apparently, "Avito" was still cleaned up. Well, okay. The main thing is that the intentions of the "serovozov" are clear: they will bring it right away!

As always, let me remind you that you should not drive horses and buy an iPhone right away. Obviously, at the start of sales, prices will be a little higher.

Second point:do not forget that Apple Pay does not work in Russia and there are certain problems with banking applications (in the sense there are no applications). Plus, it's now harder to buy apps from the App Store. On the other hand, on iOS you can still somehow buy an application. There are no options on Android.


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How is Apple doing

The looming crisis and the fear of the world's populationbefore rising inflation has a beneficial effect on Apple sales. A lot of people start thinking “we are too poor to buy bad things” and decide to buy an Apple smartphone instead of Android. Apple supports its devices for 6 years. Plus actively advertises a self-repair program. Well, add here that Qualcomm, in partnership with Arm Holdings, has been fake for the second year. Both companies wanted to make a chipset that would compete with Apple's Bionic chipsets, but as a result they made a "stove", so every Android manufacturer at the presentation of a new smartphone feels it is their duty to declare that they have made the largest cooling system. The same Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra throttles up to 48% of the maximum power. More or less overheating managed to cope with the second edition of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ chipset. So, the new Xiaomi 12S Ultra and OnePlus 10T showed a performance decrease of only 20% and 23%. This, by the way, is a result at the level of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

All this is pushing people to decide that the iPhone is a great option to sit out the crisis.

So, Tim Cook, at the last call with investors, once again said that this was a record quarter in terms of the number of “switchers” with Android.

All this allows the company to look to the future with confidence.

iPhone 14 leaks

New iPhone 14 max

Well, let's see what smartphones are waiting for us on September 7th.

So, as usual, we are waiting for 4 new models.However, it is highly likely that the composition will change. Rumor has it that Apple is planning to phase out the iPhone Mini. People constantly moan about how tired they are of “shovels”, but they still prefer to buy large smartphones.

Sales plans for "mini" models are already failingnot the first year. Clearly, consumers want smartphones with larger screens. Now in the line there is only one model with a large screen. She is the most expensive - iPhone Pro Max. Accordingly, Apple can increase the diagonal of a regular iPhone (without the Pro prefix). And they will show us the iPhone 14 Max.

Thus, the new line will look like this: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Max-models will have a 6.7-inch screen, the rest of the models will have a 6.1-inch screen.

Such a move seems more than logical, sincehow to slightly increase the average check. After all, if the iPhone 13 Mini cost a little less than the iPhone 13, then the iPhone 14 Max will cost a little more than the iPhone 14. An excellent solution that will allow Apple to earn hundreds of millions of dollars. God bless the wise Tim Cook!


Inflation, a strong dollar, rising prices for components - all these problems are of great concern to Tim Cook (he spoke about this on a call with investors). So Apple has a difficult task: it is necessary to raise prices.

However, this will be done carefully.

First, the price of the base iPhone 14 will remain unchanged. This is important from a psychological point of view.

Secondly, there will be an iPhone 14 Max, whichwill pull over part of the buyers of the iPhone 14. The characteristics of the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will be identical, except for the diagonal of the screen. And for a larger diagonal, you have to pay $ 100 more. So what happens here is such a hidden price increase.

Thirdly, there are rumors that prices for the Pro version will also increase by $100. However, in return, Apple will increase the minimum amount of memory to 256 GB.

If that's really the case, then that's great.solution. Indeed, along the way, Apple will be able to wipe its nose to all manufacturers of Android smartphones that still release their flagships with 128 GB drives. Apple's decision, as it usually happens, will push the entire market, so that 256 GB will soon become the minimum storage option in premium smartphones.

Design: new holes and titanium frames

The iPhone 14 line will likely be the last before the radical design update. But we are looking into the far too distant future.

The iPhone 14 models will be visually similar to the iPhone 13 and 12.

A short video has appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo, in which the iPhone 14 flickers.

The main change is the rejection of the "bangs" in models withprefix Pro. There is, of course, something to think about here. On the one hand, the notch has become a hallmark of the iPhone. One glance is enough to understand that the iPhone is in the hands of a person.

Apple even put a notch on the new MacBooks. Absolutely correct decision. If the luminous “apple” were also returned, then it would be absolutely ideal: 100% recognition of the laptop, from whichever side you look.

Now Pro versions will have two notches instead ofholes. Again, note that Apple's variant is 100% unique. You won't find a similar approach to holes all over the world. Say what you like, but Tim Cook is not a blunder. Cooler than any Jony Quince understands holes!

Thus, an Apple smartphone can be easily recognized both from the front and from the back. Laughter with laughter, and no one on the Android market can do that.

Analysts at JPMorgan said in a note to investors that Apple could use titanium alloy frames in the new iPhones. Now the iPhone uses steel.

Apple may be driven to such a step by the needis to add unique features to the iPhone that are not on the market. Titanium is much more resistant to scratches, while the titanium frame will be 2 times lighter than steel.

Of course, there are questions to this rumor, sinceTitanium alloy costs $50 per kilogram, while steel is only $1.50. But Apple is still a very greedy company. So, probably, if there will be titanium, then only in some top models. Type only in Pro-versions with drives from 512 GB.

If this happens, then the news, of course,joyful, as this will push Android manufacturers to also start experimenting with materials, otherwise for how many years only glass, plastic and aluminum have been on the market.


Vladimir Nimin

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Features and Hardware

Always-on screen

Most likely, the new iPhones will have an Always-On display. It is likely that Apple will give this feature exclusively to Pro models.

Apple has ditched this feature in the past, sohow I did not understand its expediency and usefulness. But you may have noticed that the latest iOS updates contain a lot of widget options. Putting widgets on the off screen is a great solution.

Satellite connection

There are persistent rumors that Apple is developing a satellite communications system. Initially, they said that Apple would have satellite telephony.

The idea is very much in the spirit of Apple.

Like, the iPhone will save you even where there is no connection!If you think about it, this feature makes a lot of sense. There is a whole city in the USA that stands in the middle of the desert (it's called Las Vegas). And in the media, news constantly flashes about how people get lost either in the desert or in nature reserves, and then the local Ministry of Emergency Situations searches for them by helicopters.

Leaks say that the hardware is ready, but the business model has not been agreed upon, and Apple is still actively negotiating with carriers. However, there were similar rumors about the iPhone 13.

Chipset and Memory

It is logical that new smartphones will have a new version of the chipset - Bionic A16. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the A16 will only be in Pro versions. The regular iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will remain on the A15.

In general, it is also a logical approach that will allowincrease the average check due to geeks and major ignoramuses who want to have top-end hardware. Considering the perfect system optimization and the gigantic headroom that the A15 has, Apple can release smartphones based on this chipset for another 2-3 years, and no one will notice the difference.

It is also expected that Pro-versions of smartphoneswill receive a new generation of memory - LPDDR 5, while the 14 and 14 Max models will remain on LPDDR 4X. But this is already stinginess. The 5th generation of memory has a much higher speed, so upgrading all models would be the right decision. However, I am glad that, according to rumors, now all models will have 6 GB of RAM (now only Pro versions have 6 GB, and the iPhone 13 has only 4 GB).


Apple has been using 12MP modules for the last 3 yearscameras. This year, they say, the camera system is waiting for a big update - a 48 MP module that will collapse 4 in 1, so the final resolution will not change.

It is not clear how much 48 MP will be. 1 main, which will be assisted by two 12 MP each, or all 3 modules will be 48 MP.

Let's see! In any case, we can expect an increase in the quality of night shooting, improved detail. The optical zoom may increase.

The front camera will remain unchanged. Perhaps it will have autofocus. This rumor is based on the fact that Apple purchased such cameras from LG.


There is only one rumor. Apple may allow iPhones to use new fast charging technology that allows you to charge smartphones with adapters of 30 or even 35 W

Rumor about eSIM

It is unlikely that this rumor is true. Rumor has it that in some markets, the iPhone can only come with eSIM. That is, without physical SIM cards.

Obviously, the future is with eSIM, but perhaps it's too early. However, everything is possible, operators in the US will only be happy with eSIM, as this will allow them to bind subscribers even more tightly to themselves.

Subscribing to Apple

There have been rumors about an Apple subscription for a long time.Everything, which will include not only software, but also hardware. Relatively speaking, you pay $100 a month and you immediately get an iPhone, a MacBook, and Apple Music with other services.

Something like this is bound to happen in the near future.the future. Apple is systematically working on the implementation of such an idea. But, in my opinion, a crisis year, when people, on the contrary, carefully count money, is not the best time.


The most interesting thing about the iPhone presentation is notiron, but the story in which Apple will wrap new smartphones. Indeed, frankly speaking, users absolutely do not care whether a smartphone has a 12 MP camera or 48 MP, the main thing is that the camera can do something unusual, but useful. So look forward to the presentation to find out how else Apple will make our lives better!