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What cats can scream like monkeys?

The more scientists observe behavioranimals, the more they surprise them. All animals want to eat and getting food for them is the main task in life. Why are there animals - even we work with you just to eat deliciously and be warm. It is sometimes very difficult for predators to hunt, because the animals they are interested in are not as stupid as they might seem. The long-tailed cats (Leopardus wiedii) living in American forests are always eager to feast on the clever piebald tamarin monkeys (Saguinus bicolor). To catch them, cats literally learned to speak their language. When hungry, cats scream like monkeys and get their attention. But why are tamarins so quick to believe the voices of impostors? Let's find out the answer to this question.

This creature can scream like a monkey. Let's listen?

Sly cats

Long-tailed cats, at their core, aresmall leopards. Their body length is about 80 centimeters, not including a tail about 40 centimeters long. They weigh between 4 and 8 kilograms and are yellow-brown in color with dark ring-shaped specks. They can be found in the rainforests of Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and other warm places. They are solitary and predominantly hunt at night. They are interested in rodents, birds and primates as food - they especially love the aforementioned tamarins.

Long-tailed cats look like little leopards

Pied tamarins are small monkeys, lengthwhose body hardly reaches 30 centimeters. They live in trees in groups of 2 to 15 individuals. The young are usually raised by their fathers, but in general the whole group takes responsibility for the lives of the little monkeys. Exactly offspring and plays a cruel joke with them. Monkeys can live as long as 10 years, but they often fall prey to predatory animals. They suffer especially badly from long-tailed cats. Not only do they have little chance of running away from them, but these cats also have a skillful deception skill.

And piebald tamarins are like wise old men

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Hunting tricks

Long-tailed cats can imitate soundswhich are published by young individuals of tamarins. This is a very cunning maneuver on their part. When they scream, adult monkeys think that one of the cubs fell from a tree or got into some other trouble. In search of the poor fellow, they descend from tall trees and find themselves in the trap of a predatory cat. Researchers have seen such a maneuver with their own eyes several times. In most cases, the cats did not have time to catch their prey. But no one disputes the fact that they have come up with a very clever way to catch victims.

Unfortunately, we could not find any recordings of the voice of these cats.

Indeed, the more scientists monitoranimals, the more amazing discoveries they make. Great cunning is possessed not only by predators, but also by more peaceful creatures. On our site there is a lot of material about how various animals manage to deceive those who want to eat them. It examines the camouflage of birds, the combat coloring of caterpillars and even the "sounds of kisses" emitted by monkeys. You can read about how smacking sounds scare away predators in this material.

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