It seems almost on sale. Onyx Boox Poke2 Color on color ink

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About an extremely curious device calledWe already wrote Onyx Boox Poke2 Color at the end of April, when the manufacturer decided to share with the public the first portion of information about the upcoming device.

  • Onyx Boox enters color era: Onyx Boox Poke2 Color with color screen
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If anyone does not know, we are talking about a reader (reader,e-book reader) with an ink screen. Classic readers are equipped with black and white screens (more precisely, there are usually 16 shades of gray). There is also a color screen - 4096 colors. Compared to the millions of colors that smartphone screens flaunt, this is certainly ridiculous. But for devices as specific as e-readers, the 4096 is a big step forward.

Current (sample of 2020) color inkscreens are not really the first approach to the barbell. You can recall, for example, PocketBook Color Lux 801 born in 2013. But then the colored ink didn't take off. Expensive, not very high quality. What will happen this time - we'll see.

Then, in April, the Onyx Boox previewPoke2 Color was just an agreement of intent. Like, wait. And someday it will happen. But the wait seems to be drawing to a close. Because color Poke2 has appeared in Palmstore online store. There are no exact delivery dates yet, but the price has already been announced - ₽19990 ($ 281). As practice shows, Palmstore rarely makes mistakes. So, most likely, within the next few weeks, the device can really be bought for that kind of money.

What else is interesting. At the initial announcement, I somehow passed by the fact that E-Ink Kaleido color ink screens are quite specific. Six inches, sensor, backlight - everything is clear here. Interesting with permission. If the screen works in classic black and white mode, then it has a high resolution of 1072 × 1448 (300 ppi). Those. small letters, crisp text, pixels indistinguishable by the eye. But in color mode, the resolution drops sharply - down to 100 ppi, judging by the official information. Those. the resolution will be only 320 × 480 (well, or close to that, there is no exact information, and 320 × 480 is not 100 ppi, but 96 ppi).

Those. here you are reading a book. As long as the text goes - everything is fine, the resolution is high. Clap, color illustration - resolution dropped immediately. Tricky question. Can a color picture and black-and-white text be present on the screen at the same time? Hope so. Logically, there should be no obstacles to such behavior.

Nothing more interesting about Onyx BooxI won't tell you Poke2 Color today. All information was already available before. Android (no support for Google services), 2 + 32 GB storage. The processor is not named, but most likely it is Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. The battery is modest by the standards of smartphones (1500 mAh), but very solid by the standards of readers.

I am looking forward to the release and the first reviews.

Key Features Onyx Boox Poke2 Color:

Screen E-Ink, 6 ″, 1072 × 1448, 300 ppi, 4096 colors, touch, capacitive, multitouch, backlight, Kaleido
Iron 2 GHz, 8 cores Cortex-A53
BatteryLi-Ion, 1500 mAh
Dimensions153 x 107 x 6.8 mm
Weight 150 g
OSAndroid 9.0 Pie
USBMicro v2.0, USB-OTG

George Kiselyov