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Artificial honey: how tasty and healthy is it?

Some people don't eat meat, eggs, honey, and others.products because animals suffer during their extraction. The meat comes to us from a brutal slaughterhouse, in chicken farms, animals are kept in terrible conditions, and apiaries are reducing the number of bees in the world. To save animals and give vegetarians and vegans the opportunity to consume foods familiar to other people, scientists are developing artificial analogues. We already know very well about the existence of "meat from a test tube", because many authors of wrote about it. But we have not yet had a chance to talk about artificial honey. The American company MeliBio is engaged in the creation of artificial bee honey, and its products are already ordered by many manufacturers of food and cosmetics. But are there any differences between real honey and artificial honey? Let's figure it out.

Artificial honey MeliBio

How is artificial honey made?

Artificial bee honey productionconducted in one of the laboratories of the California city of San Francisco. MeliBio's goal is to create honey that is no different from that produced by bees. At the same time, the company's employees completely exclude the participation of bees in this process. They believe that keeping honey insects in apiaries harms the wild bee population. Domestic and wild groups begin to compete, and in this rivalry, insects from apiaries win.

MeliBio representatives and artificial honey

The creation of artificial honey was made possible by synthetic biology... This is the name of a relatively new scientifica direction in which scientists are trying to create synthetic analogs of substances found in nature. As part of the MeliBio project, they reproduce the compounds found in bee honey. For your information, bee honey consists of the following components:

  • about 22% water;
  • about 80% carbohydrates (glucose, fructose and sucrose);
  • vitamins of group B, K, E and C;
  • cardboard - a pigment that gives products a yellowish color;
  • folic acid, which is essential for the growth and development of the circulatory and immune systems.

Exactly how is artificialhoney, MeliBio employees don't tell. Most likely, they use the same technology as the company Perfect Day, which makes artificial milk. So that there is no need to keep cows in milk production, she produces milk proteins using specially trained microorganisms. The essence of this technology is also not fully disclosed, but it is clearly based on genetic engineering.

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Where to buy artificial honey?

It is not yet possible to buy artificial honey, becausethat it is not yet mass-produced. So far, MeliBio has managed to develop a prototype that resembles real honey in taste, texture and viscosity. According to MeliBio CEO Darko Mandich, people cannot find significant differences between artificial and real honey. During the "blind tasting", when the volunteers are blindfolded and allowed to taste different products, they could not find a catch. At the moment, 14 companies have already expressed their desire to buy artificial honey from BeliBio.

The tasting showed that artificial honey is as delicious as real

In particular, we are talking about manufacturers of productsfood and cosmetics. Since artificial honey consists of almost the same substances as real honey, it can be assumed that it is just as tasty and healthy. Therefore, it is quite possible to use it in all kinds of sweets and, perhaps, in medicines. However, for use in medicines, additional permits must be obtained, so syrups with artificial honey will soon appear in pharmacies. The same applies to cosmetics.

honey is actively used in the cosmetic industry. For example, in the manufacture of various creams

But MeliBio's idea seems verypromising. This is hinted at by the fact that in 2020 she managed to receive an investment of 125 thousand dollars. This means that investors believe in the success of the idea. Hopefully, artificial honey will cost the same as real honey. And if the price is lower, then he is guaranteed success.

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