Artificial Intelligence created a new Nirvana track (photo + 4 videos)

Neural networks are actively involved in all processes.vital activity of modern man. The enthusiast known on YouTube under the name Funk Turkey tried to use the power of artificial intelligence as a songwriter in the style of the famous Nirvana band.

The result is a track calledSmother, the text for which was created by a neural network using all the famous songs from the repertoire of the Nirvana group. The result was a composition performed by the voice of the group's vocalist Kurt Cobain.

In texts written by AI, poorly guessedlogical sense, however, you can distinguish the main words from such well-known songs of the group as “Heart-shaped box”, “I Never Lost Control”, “You Know You’re Right” or “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Funk Turkey itself notes that all the workmade literally in the kitchen using low-power inexpensive equipment and the old version of Pro Tools. The texts contain class phrases that are illogical at first glance: “I could eat your heart-shaped food box” or “Hey, wait! I have a mosquito! ” However, in general, in music written by artificial intelligence, one can easily guess the style of a famous band.

In addition, the same author previously presented to the public “non-existent” songs Metallica, AC / DC and NicelBack, I suggest you evaluate them as well.

I liked the song ACDC the most, and you?