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Artificial intelligence reveals the secret to happy relationships

Romantic relationships are very difficult.phenomenon. Perhaps, there is not a single person on our planet who can be considered an expert in this matter. In search of the perfect match, some people try to use all kinds of zodiac sign compatibility lists and other heresy. Scientists are confident that personal qualities of people, such as age and character, do not play a particularly significant role in romantic relationships. In their opinion, in this matter, what kind of relationship both people want to build in the end is much more important - if they truly have the same goal, then everything will be fine in the relationship. To put forward such conclusions, scientists pushed artificial intelligence, which analyzed data on more than 11,000 love couples collected in various scientific studies on the topic of romantic relationships. The computer mind seems to be right in many ways.

Scientists seem to have figured out the secret to a happy relationship

Secrets of a Happy Relationship

The scientific work carried out was described inscientific publication ScienceAlert. For several decades, many scientists have tried to figure out what is the secret of happy relationships between men and women. There is no need to go far for examples. Recently, Lyubov Sokovikova spoke about a study in which scientists decided to find out - can differences between people become the basis for strong romantic relationships? It turned out not. The results of the study turned out to be generally surprising, because in the course of an experiment with the participation of more than 700 thousand volunteers, it turned out that, for example, the presence of the same mental illnesses can bring people closer together.

Some studies show that having the same "cockroaches in your head" is the key to a happy relationship

Over the past decades, there have beena lot has been done, but the secret of a happy relationship has not been found by scientists. It would be costly and ineffectual to conduct another study, so the scientists took a different path. They decided to combine the results of many scientific papers, study them and see what comes of it. In total, scientists have at their disposal data on more than 11,000 couples in love, collected in 43 scientific papers. Scientists could not independently analyze such a dataset, so they entrusted this task to a computer algorithm called "random forest".

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Harmonious relationship

Artificial intelligence has shown scientists a veryinteresting statistics. Judging by it, the level of relationship between a man and a woman depends to a greater extent on what they want to achieve in the end. Thus, variables such as:

  • loyalty of partners to their obligations;
  • gratitude to the partner for having such a relationship;
  • mutual satisfaction of the needs of partners;
  • level of sexual satisfaction;
  • frequency and severity of quarrels.

Simply put, the larger the man anda woman invests in creating a strong and happy relationship - all the better. But such indicators as age, social status, character traits and all kinds of "cockroaches in the head" affect the quality of relationships not as much as it might seem. In general, there can be a big age difference between partners, and they themselves can be as harmful as you like - the main thing is that there is mutual understanding and a mutual desire to create healthy relationships between them.

Scientists believe that common interests are more important than character traits

However, among the personal qualities, scientists have identified several characteristics that can still add a fly in the ointment to a relationship. These include:

  • dissatisfaction with life;
  • a constant feeling of anxiety;
  • depression;
  • attachment.

At least one of these qualities is present ina huge number of people, but this does not mean that the relationship with them is doomed. The authors of the scientific papers explained that if both partners bring the above-described feelings of gratitude and mutual satisfaction of needs into the relationship, everything will be fine. Of course, the results of the study cannot be considered the ultimate truth, but you can listen to them - all this sounds, at least, logical.

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