Wondering what's inside the wireless headphones? Disassembling Galaxy Buds Live (video)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Headphones,known for their original ergonomic shape, have been subjected to traditional testing by iFixit specialists. In the course of evaluating the disassembly and maintainability process, experts found that the developers are humorous about the bean-shaped form of the device and assign markings with the word "Bean" to some parts, which means "bean" in English. Based on the disassembly results, iFixit gave Galaxy Buds Live a very high maintainability rating - 8 points on a 10-point scale.

IFixit experts starting disassembly, withWe were surprised to find out that the Galaxy Buds Live earbud opens relatively easily, unlike similar models such as Apple AirPods Pro. For iFixit specialists, "tearing open" the bean-shaped model of Samsung earbuds was the easiest ever to work with TWS devices.

On closer inspection of the "guts"On the Galaxy Buds Live, part markings were found that clearly hint at the original design of the device. The cable connection of the two halves of the earbuds was labeled "bean left" and "bean right".

However, Samsung engineers can do more than joke. The design and fastening of the battery allow for quick and easy battery replacement. All that is required is to lift the glued speaker very carefully. It turned out that the main problem when replacing the battery will be the purchase of the lithium-ion battery CP1254 (3.7 V) itself, which is quite difficult to purchase even on the Internet.

When disassembling the case, it turned out that the wirelessThe charger has a 1.81 Wh battery, which is significantly higher than the battery capacity in previous Samsung models such as the Buds and Buds Plus. The large capacity also provides longer battery life. So the total battery life of the "beans" Galaxy Buds Live is 29 hours, while the Galaxy Buds is 13 hours, and the Galaxy Buds Plus - up to 22 hours.

As a result of the testing, expertsiFixit awarded Samsung Galaxy Buds Live an 8 out of 10 for maintainability. This is becoming a good tradition for Samsung's TWS devices, as the previous leader among wireless earbuds in terms of repairability was the previous Galaxy Buds.

Source: theverge