An insider showed the alleged prototype of Apple AirPower Mini wireless charging

Exactly three years ago, in September 2017,Apple has announced the AirPower docking station for wireless charging of multiple gadgets. Since then, the project has been postponed several times until its final closure was announced. However, now there is information about the development of a truncated version of the AirPower Mini, designed for one device.

The first information about Apple's work onthe creation of AirPower for one device was announced at the beginning of 2020 by the authoritative expert Ming-Chi Kuo. Now a video has appeared online confirming the analyst's assumption.

Video posted on Twitter and in itit is claimed to be a prototype of a new Apple accessory that looks like a wireless charger. However, the exact name of the device is unknown. Insiders called it the Apple AirPower Mini and suggested that it was designed to recharge one gadget, as opposed to full-fledged AirPower charging, which involved working with three devices.

Video claims to show Apple magnetic wireless charger prototype. More at @ 9to5mac

- Jordan Kahn (@JordanKahn) September 17, 2020
The gadget shown in the video got a round shape. Earlier, during the demonstration of the iPhone 12 case, insiders claimed that a magnetic ring would be located on the inner surface for working with third-party gadgets. An indirect confirmation of this statement is the same size of the charger shown and the ring on the iPhone 12 case. It can be assumed that the new charger will be announced simultaneously with the presentation of the new iPhone 12 line in October 2020.