Engineer creates a model of a Star Wars lightsaber with temperatures up to 4000 degrees (video)

The Jedi's lightsaber is one of the brightestand a popular attribute among Star Wars fans that enthusiasts have tried to create more than once. However, the high technologies used by the heroes of the popular space epic are currently not yet available to humanity.

Enthusiasts have to apply differenttechnical tricks to create a model of a lightsaber, at least from a distance resembling the famous swords of the Jedi. The closest version to the original, capable of cutting metal, changing the color of a light beam and relatively compact, was created by the famous blogger engineer James Hobson, who has more than once offered original devices, including models of Kylo Ren's (Ben Solo) proto-sword and sword.

However, early prototypes of Jedi swords were notcompletely matched the originals. First, the blade itself must be quickly turned on and off, and secondly, the blade must not be material, but a concentrated bundle of energy.

Plasma sword making process, with temperatureblade up to 4000 degrees, Canadian engineer Hobson posted on YouTube. The problem of the lack of a compact power source capable of powering swords from a distant, distant galaxy was solved with the help of a knapsack in which a propane tank was placed.

Using the properties of laminar flow, mixingpropane with oxygen, the enthusiast was able to achieve an amazing effect in the form of a beam of plasma heated to 4000 degrees and capable of melting metal. A bunch of burning gas can also change its color from the original white when various chemicals are added. For example, adding sodium chloride (table salt) makes the beam yellow, like Ray's sword in Star Wars. Skywalker: the ascent. " The addition of boric acid turns it into Yoda's famous green, and strontium chloride turns the beam red, like the Sith Lords Darth Maul and Darth Sidious.