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Elon Musk gathered scientists for a secret conference to discuss landing on Mars

People will fly to Mars in 2024. At least that's when SpaceX wants to send astronauts to a distant planet inside the Starship spacecraft. No one argues that the author of this grandiose project, Elon Musk, is trying to make the flight as safe as possible. However, some critics drew attention to the fact that the entrepreneur does not pay due attention to what people will do after arriving on the Red Planet. Of course, SpaceX is pondering where the first colonialists will live and has even previously demonstrated its vision of "Martian homes" in the form of images. But conversations on this and similar topics are rare. The company seems to understand this very well and decided to organize a private event with the participation of scientists. Foreign journalists assure that the topic of the conference will indeed be the stay of people on Mars, and not something else.

SpaceX is organizing a private event. What will be discussed there?

SpaceX plans to conquer Mars

The details of the upcoming meeting were sharededition of Ars Technica. SpaceX did not get in direct contact with reporters, but some information escaped the lips of company representatives. Employees of the foreign publication managed to find out that the event will be held at one of the universities in the Colorado city of Boulder. More than 60 experts in the field of Mars will be invited there. Among the guests will even be the leaders of the research program of the Red Planet from the NASA space agency. The names of the invited scientists are kept secret and even the company itself asked them not to tell anyone that they would be attending the event.

This is how SpaceX envisions a colony on Mars.

Guests are expected to be the first towill discuss all possible options for using the Spaceship. It was introduced to the world in 2017 and was originally referred to as the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). Subsequently, in November 2018, on his Twitter account, Elon Musk announced the renaming of BFR to Starship. He clarified that the starship itself is the spaceship (upper stage). But in the role of a rocket booster for launching the spacecraft into space, Super Heavy will be used. At the moment, the first Starship flight to Mars with cargo on board is expected in 2022. And the first manned flight is planned for 2024.

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How to survive on Mars?

Also discussion topics will focus onhow hundreds of people will survive in completely unfamiliar conditions. At a minimum, experts will have to figure out how the first colonists will extract and use the planet's natural resources. It would be great if Martian resources could be used to make materials to build a base to live inside. We talked about projects of houses for quiet living in Martian conditions in an article that was published on our channel in Yandex.Zen. Among them there are projects that exclusively use materials from Mars.

In 2017, the author of Ilya Khel wrote a comprehensive article on the prospects for the colonization of Mars. I recommend reading!

SpaceX and NASA Collaboration

As part of the event, SpaceX representativeshope to enter into closer collaboration with NASA staff and scientists who have spent decades studying the Red Planet. Many of them have long been frustrated by the lack of progress in Mars exploration. In an interview, a participant in previous SpaceX events stated his confidence that Elon Musk will eventually achieve his goal and send people to a distant planet. And collaboration with SpaceX is for many experts a great opportunity to participate in a historically important program.

Ideally, a Starship dispatch would look like this

It should be said that some guests of the eventare already known. Among them will be SpaceX employee Paul Wooster, aeronautical engineer Margarita Marinova and the dean of the host university Bobby Braun. According to a university representative, the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics is happy to receive guests. Moreover, the construction of a huge space facility worth $ 101 million will soon be completed. The facility will house a mission control center for experiments on the ISS, a Dream Chaser spacecraft simulator and a testing ground for unmanned vehicles.

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Also, the event will be attended by employeesNASA with experience of studying the Red Planet. At the moment, SpaceX and NASA have an excellent relationship in sending astronauts to the International Space Station. Only in terms of deep space exploration there is some kind of competition between them. Perhaps participation in such events will lead to the fact that they join forces and achieve a common goal together and in a shorter time frame.