Elon Musk promises more games for Tesla driver (video)

The presence of an on-board computer in the Tesla carprovides the ability to connect to certain games supplied by the manufacturer. However, the sight of a driver battling a computer game while driving a car is still surprising in the community.

Tesla owner recently posted on Twittervideo, where he, sitting at the wheel of a standing electric car, enthusiastically moved along the track of a game similar to Mario Kart. At the same time, the control of the gaming machine was carried out using Tesla pedals and steering wheel, and only sometimes the player turned directly to the controls on the touch surface of the screen.

The author of the video under the nickname Agent Dooley becamepopular after the demonstration of the video streamer under the nickname 368. Twitter users were surprised by the ability to play using the control system of a real machine. However, as it turned out, the interface has a limitation and will not allow the driver to start the game on the move - the ability to connect to the game is only available if the car is stationary.

Owner and Founder of Tesla,eccentric billionaire Elon Musk could not ignore the heated discussion on Twitter of the Tesla-based gameplay. The businessman promised that in the near future the driver will receive even more gaming applications available through the car's on-board computer. In light of the future introduction of Tesla's fully autonomous driving system, it can be assumed that the presence of games will be a little entertaining for the traveler, freed from the need to follow the road.

Musk had previously hinted that he would love to"Hijacked" Tesla in GTA, sitting in a car of the same brand in reality. Also, the tireless inventor conducted a survey among Tesla owners about their interest in applications such as Minecraft and Pokemon GO.

Source: twitter