A photo booth for a dog selfie was assembled from Lego (3 photos)

The Swedish inventor Simone Gertz is no longeronce fascinated the Internet with unexpected original robots, which the girl herself called "shitty robots." Unusual, but cute mechanical creatures Geertz quite accurately fulfill the task assigned to them, while touching users with an unusual appearance. Now, nicknamed the "Queen of Robots", the inventor has unveiled an original Lego booth for her dog, Scraps, in which the dog can take selfies on its own.

When creating an unusual doghouse, there wasinvolved Lego Mindstorms set and Lego bricks (project sponsored by Lego). Inside is a foot pedal, a distance sensor, and a circuit board that connects to a dispenser that dispenses Scraps' treats every time he presses the foot pedal. In turn, the pedal also triggers a camera that photographs a completely photogenic dog.

The idea of ​​an unusual invention came from Simone Gertzwhile training a dog in order to teach it to take photos from a smartphone. Previously, the "queen of robots" has already created bizarre designs, such as an alarm clock to wake the user with a mechanical hand, a musical instrument made of teeth, and a robot applying lipstick.

Source: theverge