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What causes a person to stop experiencing joy? You already know the answer

Every person's life is unpredictable and none ofwe cannot tell exactly what the next day will be like. Perhaps tomorrow you will visit nature, meet good people and hug yourself enough - most likely, such a day will bring you a lot of positive emotions. However, on some days the person experiences less joy. And this even if they were full of the same pleasant events as meetings with loved ones. Recently, Canadian scientists conducted a small study, during which it turned out that in a certain case, people are deprived of the ability to enjoy pleasant situations for a whole day. Sometimes this happens so often that over time it can completely stop being happy. But what case are we talking about? It arises in the life of every person - maybe you did not feel joy today precisely because of this.

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How to be happy?

Why on some days people are incapableto experience joy, according to Science Alert. According to Canadian scientists, the inability to enjoy positive events in life can develop due to insufficient sleep. Scientists report the negative consequences of frequent lack of sleep almost every week, so the results of a new study even seem trivial. But they are clearly worth paying attention to, because after learning about this, some people will be able to restore their healthy sleep solution. After all, who doesn't want to experience joy every day?

Sleep quality has a strong impact on our lives

The essence of the study was thatthat scientists conducted a survey among 2,000 people between the ages of 33 and 84. They learned how many hours a day they manage to sleep, how much stress they suffer and what events have happened in their lives lately. According to psychologist Nancy Sin, when people spend time in nature and often hug, they feel happier. The result of the survey showed that with a lack of sleep, people experience much less joy from the same pleasant events than usual.

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The benefits of long sleep

Fortunately, the effect works the other way too. The results of the survey showed that the longer people manage to sleep, the more joyful they seem to be positive events in life. Moreover, prolonged sleep helps them cope with the effects of stress, which many of us experience almost every day. The better a person sleeps, the easier it is for him to fall asleep in the evening. But lack of sleep can aggravate the severity of stressful conditions and lead to the development of insomnia. It turns out a kind of vicious circle, from which it is rather difficult to get out.

So that's why cats sleep so long - to be happier!

The harm of long sleep

It should be noted that the results of thisresearch is not advised to blindly believe. There is no doubt that there is nothing wrong with healthy sleep and this has been proven in many scientific studies. For example, I recently talked about how healthy sleep is important for losing weight. A good night's rest is considered as important to a healthy lifestyle as proper nutrition. Every adult is recommended to sleep at least 6 hours a day, maybe a little more.

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Only here is the assumption thatProlonged sleep helps people to feel more joyful and avoid the effects of stress seems highly questionable. The fact is that some scientific studies have proven that long sleep can cause serious health problems. If you believe the statistics, those who like to sleep longer suffer from cardiovascular diseases much more often than others. And the overall mortality rate among people who sleep more than 10 hours a day is higher. So you shouldn't overuse sleep, just in case. After all, there are much more advantages to 6-hour sleep than to 10-hour sleep.

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