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Because of what sports cars we are used to will cease to exist

There is such a class of cars as sports cars. Of course, this is more of a popular name, because officially these are all the same sedans and hatchbacks. There is an even more advanced class of them - hypercars. This is what they call what is the crown of engineering and a machine on the verge of a track and a city. They often cost over a million dollars and are produced in almost one-off batches. Better than them are only sports cars of the formula class and sports prototypes - something that is prohibited from driving on public roads. In fact, this state of affairs may soon be ended, and it will come from where they did not expect. Very soon, crazy gasoline monsters will be useless, and electric cars will come to replace them, quietly rustling with tires. Proof of this is already there, and I'm not talking about cars like Nio, which you can't even take home - they'll bring it right to the track - but about the now commonplace Tesla. And that's why I think so.

These handsome men may soon become unnecessary to anyone.


  • 1 How to make the car faster
  • 2 New Tesla Model S Plaid
  • 3 Is there a future for electric vehicles
  • 4 Tesla's competitors

How to make a car faster

Now it makes no sense to go to the not very distantTesla story and extol Elon Musk. Although, it often happens by itself. Suffice it to say that the company makes ordinary urban, moderately comfortable cars that, thanks to insane torque and high power electric motors, can accelerate "Up to a hundred" in just 3-4 seconds... And even faster.

It's worth a lot to reach this milestone, butthen every tenth of a second is given with a fight. The fact is that you can reduce acceleration to a hundred from 12 to 10 seconds (by 2 seconds) simply by increasing the engine size from 1.4 to 1.6 liters, that is, almost free. But to do 2.8 (0.2 seconds) instead of 3 seconds - you really have to try.

These cocky headlights are already starting to look sad.

What is especially pleasant and valuable, there are not many sports cars with such dynamic performance that you can even buy three times more expensivethan Tesla Model 3 or Model S. Of course, the Musk-Mobile will not provide such stability at high speeds as the conventional Porsche 911 GT3 or McLaren P1. Tesla is primarily a city car, and driving with track settings and suspension, a few centimeters high, will hardly be pleasant every day. Many people buy sports cars precisely for city driving and the feeling that they are the fastest. Tesla will provide that feeling, which is good. If we talk about the fact that it is really more of an attraction, then it should be inexpensive.

What cars you can't buy even if you have money for them

Personally, I'm for roaring engines, but looking aroundto the parties, I understand that it is not so important for people if the car will provide them with the same dynamic characteristics. This once again confirms the tendency to which I am leading in the course of this article. If you do not agree that ICE is cool, and think that this is archaism, write in our Telegram chat.

A little higher I already remembered the Nio NP9 car,which just rips templates, but it only exists for the track. You buy it, it is brought to you on the track that you choose, and you can drive. Then they take him away, wash him and wait for your next desire to ride. You can't just take him home. Perhaps this is how the company fights espionage. Apparently, the Nio NP9 is built on the basis of the car that the company exposes at the start of Formula E races as part of the factory team.

This is what the Nio NP9 looks like. The most is to go fishing.

New Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla this week announced the release of a newa car that will provide roughly the same performance as the Nio, and at the same time surpass many hypercars. Even among the piece machines that I wrote about some time ago, there is no one that would repeat something like that.

There are several iconic tracks in the world where the fastest cars figure out which one is better. The most famous is the "north loop" of the Nurburgring, or "Nordschleife”. But she has a competitor overseas - Laguna Seca.

The famous "corkscrew" turn on the Laguna Seca circuit. The height difference is just uh ...

Tests on these and other routes arein the following way. On one of the track days, a team of engineers brings the car and sets it up, if necessary. And a professional pilot, who can unleash his full potential, tries to show the maximum of what he and the car itself are capable of. The higher the result, the cooler the model - it's simple.

Here is a selection of the 10 most expensive production cars in the world

At the moment, the absolute record is the time of Sebastian Burdet (1 minute 05.880 seconds), which he showed in 2007 by car class Champ Car... This is a machine with open wheels of formulatype and expecting something like this from a sedan would be very illogical. Therefore, even if the time of the new announced Tesla Model S Plaid was “only” 1 minute 30.3 seconds, the result was still cool.

Tesla Model S Plaid laps on the Laguna Seca circuit in the USA

It's even faster than a Ferrari F8 with a 3.9-literV8 engine and acceleration to hundreds in 2.9 seconds. Just imagine that the record of this monster of speed has made a simple sedan, as they say, for every day. For comparison, Tesla Model S Plaid costs $ 129,990, and Ferrari F8 over $ 300,000... What do you think, if the conventional 100 people want to buy a fast car, what will they pay attention to? Of course, if they do not have an unlimited bank account and they are not fans of the works of the legendary commandant.

Tesla Model S Plaid produces a maximum power of more than 1000 horsepower, accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 2 seconds and travels at a maximum speed of 321 km / h. How do you like that ...

Yes, it's a Ferrari and it has its own charm, plus notforget that driving such a car is very different from driving an electric car. In it you need to maintain revs and change gears in time, and this is a separate pleasure, but only for the track. In the city, as a rule, you just want to have a dynamic car. And considering that the cars are mechanically almost ceased to be produced, we can make a simple conclusion that it is more important for users in a package with power to have comfort, and not the ability to show how he feels the car.

This beauty drove a circle on the Laguna Seca highway slower than Tesla Model S Plaid

Is there a future for electric vehicles

I used to be not very good at sports electric cars. Including it was about Formula E - a racing series in which cars withopen wheels fully electric. Now the world has changed a little. Electric cars in it have become, if not an alternative to gasoline supercars, then they have definitely gone beyond the framework of the classical presentation. Earlier, when they talked about an electric car, they imagined something like a Toyota Prius or even a trolleybus. It is now a fast and dynamic car.

Tesla will release an inexpensive car for 2 million rubles. What else is the company preparing?

Given society's desire for comfort,further explosive development of electric transport and growing fuel costs, it can be concluded that the world is changing. Electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S Plaid will soon overtake many other models. Especially considering that its autonomous mileage already exceeds 800 km.

Tesla competitors

Not for nothing that many manufacturers got nervous and started releasing their Tesla counterparts. An example is the release of the Porsche Taycan and the full conversion of Lotus vehicles to electric traction.

The same Porsche Taycan.

We live in interesting times that you cancompare with the advent of cars in general. I mean the transition of cars to a new type of energy. At one time, the horse was removed from the carriage, and now it is being removed outdated gasoline engine... By the way, few people know that electric cars were still at the dawn of the automotive industry, but then their time did not come. Now they are ready to make a revolution.