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Why do you often want to sleep in driving vehicles?

When traveling by bus or train, manypeople start to get sleepy. This is a very common phenomenon, so it is logical to assume that motion sickness while riding is somehow affecting the body. And not only for humans, but also for mice. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for many years in a row, and recently American researchers have made a noticeable breakthrough in this matter. They conducted an experiment and found out that in addition to humans and mice, motion sickness even puts some species of flies to sleep... Since insect brains are very small, scientistsit is much easier to determine which neural connections are affected by smooth movements. A little more and we will know why exactly motion sickness makes people and animals sleep. In the meantime, let's look at some interesting facts about this phenomenon and find out what kind of experiment the scientists conducted.

Because of the smooth movements, people want to sleep and this is a very strange phenomenon.

Why does motion sickness lull you?

The experiment and its results werereported in the scientific journal Cell Reports. People have noticed for a long time that if babies are rocked in their arms, they fall asleep faster. But at the same time, no one still knows why smooth movements relax the human body so much. And this trick works with people of all ages. After all, it happened to everyone that during a long trip on a bus or train, you began to feel very sleepy? Due to the vibrations that arise in the human body, some changes clearly occur and it is important to study this phenomenon in as much detail as possible.

Scientists still don't know how "lulling" affects the brain

To study the effect of smooth movements on the body onthe example of the human brain is difficult due to its large size. In the course of some studies, scientists have found that "lulling" has the same calming effect on mice. But their brains are not small enough to quickly study the mysterious phenomenon. Scientists became interested in how Drosophila, fruit flies, on which scientific experiments are often carried out, react to motion sickness.

There are many similarities between humans and mice sleeping.

How do flies sleep?

According to the author of the study, KühnhaKoh (Kyunghee Koh), they placed one fly on a vibrating surface and watched its reaction. At first, in response to the vibration, the fly was active and clearly did not understand what was happening. But then she began to calm down and eventually fell asleep. According to the authors of the scientific work, the insect just got used to the new conditions and realized that vibration would not harm it in any way. At the same time, for some reason, she lost her vigilance so much that she fell asleep.

Illustration by the authors of the scientific work

The researchers concluded that the flies sleepalmost the same as people. Moreover, after "lulling" the fly behaved much more vigorously, as if it slept better than usual. At the same time, the suddenly turned on light and loud sounds wake up the husband as quickly as people. These features make fruit flies even more useful creatures for science. Scientists often use them in experiments because they have a small size and short life cycle. This means that on their example, you can check the influence of various stimuli. There is also the fact that they are easy to cultivate, as if they were generally created for science.

Fruit fly

Since the dream of these flies turned out to be very similar tohuman, scientists are going to do some more experiments. Within their framework, they want to find out exactly which parts of the brain are affected by light swaying. Having found this out, scientists will be able to guess how exactly such movements affect the human body. When this mystery is unraveled, researchers will be able to use the knowledge gained to treat insomnia and other sleep problems. In addition to all this, the authors of the scientific work plan to find out how light, sounds and smells affect the quality of sleep.

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